Cosplay progress: Kate Bishop part 1!

As you know, I'll be dressing up as Kate Bishop from Young Avengers/Hawkeye for Disneyland's Not So Scary Halloween. I'm using her outfit from the cover of Issue 9 Hawkeye because it's cheap and easy.

Or at least I thought...

She's wearing red aviators on the cover and I thought I could easily find them. Boy was I wrong. If I did find red lens, the frame was totally wrong. I found black frames every where but no red lens. I got the bright idea to paint them with glass paint in red.

I suck at painting or something. No matter how much or how careful, I kept getting streaks on the lens. I had way too much goop on the lens so I left them outside overnight to dry up.

Here are they after I left them alone for about 24 hours. I added another layer of paint and they are drying now. 

This was a new technique I tried, if you can call it a technique. I'm hoping that it works but I will be wearing contacts and I just plan on putting them on when pictures are being taken. I gooped too much paint so I can't really see through them.

I'm gonna try making my quiver now. I will post progress shots soon!


  1. Oooh, that looks pretty cool! I remember trying to see if I could find red lens sunglasses a few years ago, too, to match some pictures I'd drawn, but the closest I could come was orange (like people actually want orange glasses)! It's so weird that red glasses would be a rare item.

  2. It looks so great so far. I am going to have to paint glasses lens yellow for my next cosplay. Thanks for the tip.


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