Five Favorite Things!

It's been a while since I've done this post. No excuses.... I was getting lazy and not keeping links of the things that made me happy during the week. I need to stop doing that. ^.^

I picked up Disney Infinity while Toys R Us was having their big sale and OMG, it is such a blast!! Mistah J and I have been playing the Monster University playset. I picked up the starter pack for my PS3 which came with Sulley, Captain Jack, and Mr. Incredible. I also got the 3pk sidekick which had Mike Wazowski, Barbossa, and Mrs. Incredible, Mater, and Randell from Monster's Inc. You get a disc but you need to collect the figures to be able to play! It takes two of my favorite things, gaming and collecting. If you want to know more about Disney Infinity, here's the video.

Have you heard of Cards Against Humanity? Have you played it? It's the greatest card game ever. I finally got to play it with a few of my friends and I was laughing so hard! The concept is, the person asks a question and the rest of us answer it with the cards. The person with the best answer gets the point. It's the "card game for terrible humans." PAX Prime 2013 just happened and they were giving out PAX Prime Packs. They made 44 cards just for the con. My brother managed to get me one pack and they are the best cards! In case you can't read the picture I took, they are:
  • Full HD
  • Achieving the manual dexterity and brilliance of a 12 year old Korean boy.
  • The collective wail of every Magic player suddenly realizing that they've spent hundreds of dollars on pieces of cardboard.
  • The Sarlacc.
  • Mario Kart Rage.
  • The Cock Ring of Alacrity.
  • A fully-dressed female videogame character.
  • A madman who lives in a policbox and kidnaps women. (Best one ever!)
  • What made Spock cry?
  • No enforcer wants to manage the panel on ________.
I just went on ebay and bid on a couple of individual cards at 99 cents each. The price was good and the shipping was at 60 cents. I figured the seller would give me a discount but then charged me 2 bucks for 4 cards. why do ebay sellers do that? You can stick them into a simple envelope and slap 45 cent stamp on it. Okay, sorry about the rant. If anyone out there has doubles and want to give them away, I'll take them!

I don't really listen to the radio anymore. I get my new music from either Spotify or friends. I didn't know about Robin Thicke's new song "Blurred Lines" until it was plastered on my twitter feed. The video is just disgusting. Ugh... but as you know, when something gets talked about a lot, parodies surface. (Oh internet, keep going with your bad self!) and this video, Deadpool vs. Blurred Lines does not disappoint at all. It's so catchy and funny. I love D Piddy's videos and I think this one is the icing on the cake. So much fun! And Logan is kinda cute! ;)

I am a pen geek. I loved your usual pens, bought at Sanrio and stuff but I got a job at an actual pen store, a fine pen store and grew to have an appreciation for ballpoints, rollerballs, and fountain pens. I worked their for 3 years before it closed down and massed quite a collection of fountain pens. I love writing with fine nibs. Pilot/Namiki is my favorite brand for fine nibs. Private Reserve makes the most amazing colors for ink bottles. I may make a post of my collection. Anyways, the point is I bought a new one to add to my collection. A LAMY fountain pen in PURPLE with an EXTRA FINE nib. Purple is my favorite color and I needed to add one to my collection. It's in transit and I can't wait to play with it!!

"Hey Nancy! No running in the hall way." I love Nightmare on Elm Street so much. I'm in the middle of a marathon, one movie each night when I get home from work, and the "screw your hallpass"/ Nancy's dream is the best. Nightmare on Elm street 2 is my least favorite of the series and I love Dream Warriors. "Welcome to Prime Time, Bitch!" Do you like horror? Which series is your favorite? I'm obessed with the horror films from the 80s like C.H.U.D, Killer Klowns from Outerspace, The Stuff, The Blob, Ghouls II, Maximum Overdrive, Critters, etc. Got any recs for horror films?

Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. I didn't get into horror films until I was in my 20's (I'm such a chicken) but now I'm hooked. What do you think of J-horror? The original Ringu still scared the bejesus out of me. Every. Single. Time.

    That pen is lovely.

  2. As far as horror movies go, I don't know too much about them, but for one that's more "...what?" than scary, have you seen Phantasm? I don't know if it's a recommendable movie, but I had a lot of fun watching it!

    One that I'd totally recommend, though, is this Japanese movie from the late 1970s called House- it's about a group of stereotypical schoolgirls (the daydreamer, the sporty one, the music club girl, etc.) who go to one of their aunt's houses and then stuff that I cannot even begin to explain happens. It's another movie that's more bizarre than scary, but I did jump, and it is a close second to being hands down the most inexplicable movie I've ever seen.


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