I am so excited for this!!!

Mista J and I had been planning a trip to Tokyo. I haven't been since 2006 and Mistah J has never been. I have been working hard to get this trip for us to happen but for the last 2 years, something has kept us here.

We did go to Disneyworld for the first time together in 2010 when we knew Tokyo wasn't going to happen!

This year, he has the chance to go with his Mother to visit the Philippines. He was born there but has never been back to visit when his dad got transferred. His grandmother passed away a year ago and she wanted to be taken back home. Like I said, a chance for him to go with his mother to take his grandmother home came up, I told him to take it. I tried to change my vacation time so I could go but it couldn't happen.

As we told out friends about this and I was weighing my options about what to do; staycation, check out a city or two, attempt tokyo alone etc. I had two weeks off.

Jess mentioned she still needs to take her vacation and we chatted, plotted, and finally said:

"This can happen!"


I have never ever been to Europe! I can't believe this is happening. I can't believe it came together so well and cheap considering we'e been planning it for about a monthish!! I feel sad that Mistah J won't be coming with but he will get to see family he hasn't seen in a very long time. 

And guess what I will doing one of my days in Paris?


One of my wishes is to be able to visit all the parks. I have gone to Tokyo Disneyland in 2006, DisneyWorld in 2010, Disneyland since the 80's, and now Disneyland Paris in 2013. 

Hong kong Disneyland will happen!!

I am really excited and I can't wait for this trip to happen. I will be on a plane in two months!! TWO MONTHS!!

Have you guys been? Have any tips? Things I should check out?? I told Jess that I will go see the Spice Girls musical but I think it's been cancelled. 

You think I'm joking? I'm not. If it was still going, I would of bought a ticket.

But yes, if you guys have any ideas, tips, places I should check out, let me know. I need to do my London/Cardiff/Paris homework now!!


  1. I am so excited for you. You are so lucky. My parents are over there right now in Paris and NOT going to Disneyland. Crazy old peepes. Hahaha
    I can not wait to see photos of your trip. Please take 10000000s.
    So jealous.

    1. I will take so many, I won't know what to do with them!! My mother and her husband went to Paris a few years back and they didn't go to Disneyland! I was sad, hoping for a postcard!!


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