My day planner

I am obsessed with office supplies. You take me into a office supply/stationary store, you will have lost me for hours and hours. I will need to go into a store for one item and I will walk out with like 10 things.  Pens and post it notes are my weakness. The cuter, the better, and I will most likely take it home with me.

I started SFSU last week and I decided I'm going to need a planner. I was looking at those pretty filofax planners but at the cost, I just couldn't shell out for it. especially since I have been bad in the past using planners. Everything else I found wasn't cute enough or what I needed, pretty much to small or large desk size.

I do have a tablet and iphone but the battery life on both are not long lasting. On sleep, they last a while but with consent use, they'll be dead by late evening. Lately, my tablet has been crashing/freezing and it's no longer being made by ASUS.

I went to staples to pick up some printer paper and saw these 5.5 x 8.5 size binders. They were in plain or pretty detailed covers. A light bulb went off in my head and I decided "Hey! I can totes make my own planner!"

Look at my pretty planner! I found these cute animal paper clips at Diaso and I use it has a tab set to my weekly pages so I can open it right to it.

I have a pen pouch and different color gel pens that I found at Diaso. Diaso is another place where I lost it. I cut up a folder and am using it to hold my post it notes. I have a thing for post it notes. I love different shapes and colors.

My monthly title page. Novemebr is my fave. Instead of a monthly and weekly section, I just combined them both into one section. I can get an overview of the month and go into the weeks and all the information I need is written on there.

I found the monthly and weekly pages at Paige Paignen. White is a bit plain for me so I plan on decorating the pages with stickers and washi tapes. I have so much because of my project life and my writing sets. Another great reason to use them up!

I also made a section for blog planning, to-do list because I love lists, and notes. The blog planner was downloaded from and the to do list from squid-bits. The pages for my notes are from my overflow of letter sets that I randomly buy. I have more sheets than people to write to. Haha...

I also added business card holder sheets but I'm using them to hold reward cards and such. I'm terrible at keeping them. There's another pouch in the back but this one holds random stickers, US stamps, blank cards etc.

I'm also working on a section for school assignments and stuff. I found a beat up planner at Target about the same size for a dollar. I'm hoping I can get it out of the book and hole punched!

I love my little planner. It makes me happy, as corny as it sounds. If you're looking for a planner and can't find one, I hope this post gives you ideas on creating your own.

Now excuse me for I have pages to read.... is this semester over yet?


  1. Oooh, that's so cute! I'm trying to set up one binder for both of my grad classes, but so far, it's very plain and boring, other than the fact that it's satisfyingly bright pink, so I may well steal some of your ideas! Thanks for posting this!

    1. Ooooo pink! I love pink!! I'm glad I gave you ideas. I actually added a section just for class assignments and I found some 2014 weekly pages I will be printing and working on soon!!

    2. Oooh, cool! I'll have to look for some real assignment sheets. My big nerd victory so far was that, on their Japanese website, SNK had put up some stationery for one of their fighting games that's at a Sanrio level of cuteness http://samuraianiv.snkplaymore.co.jp/english/download/stationery.php, so I printed it out and cut it into vertical half-sheets for the front of my binder, to take assignment notes during class. Other than that, I just stuck some cute and odd Japanese school themed stickers that I got at the Dick Blick outlet store on the spine, so while it has some personality, it could use more.

      Also, while I was looking last night, I found this fantastic website: http://printout.jp/ I haven't been ambitious enough to explore it fully yet, but they have some surprisingly charming clip art and some brainstorming printouts that I can actually use when I write papers! I don't know if any of it would be of use to you, but I thought I'd pass the link along!

    3. OoOoo thanks for the links!! I will check it out!!! Woot!!

  2. So cute! Love you you decorated everything :)

    1. Thank you!! I just got an order of washi tape that I forgot about so I'm excited to add more things to my planner!

    How?!?!?! (Wants one too!!!)

    The planner is awesome though. I found a good sized one that I like, but I might use my OLD Pekkle (Sanrio) planner the way this one is too!!! (I love stationary and office supplies too!!!

    1. I got the note card from wordtoyourunicorn on etsy!

      I miss Pekkle! I miss all the Sanrio characters like him and Spottie Dottie!! I would love to see pictures of your planner!

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. Ah! I will take one...should I post it on my incorporeal-existence-blog? (though once I saw this post, I did come up with some planning...I REALLY need to find my voice LOL).
      Also, I didn't see the link for the blog planner, could you re-post that maybe?

    3. Post it on your blog and leave the link here! I would love to check it out and I will find the link to the planners. I knew I forgot something!! haha...

  4. You are so organized. I love all the cute little details.

    1. Thank you!! I love organizing. I don't know why or where it came from!!


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