Reno, NV!!

Last year I purchased a 2 night stay at the Peppermill at an amazing price. I finally got to use it last weekend! We finally took a trip to Reno, NV.

I have never been and Jaime has a few times with family. We don't drive at all (that's what happens when you are raised in San Francisco!) so we were trying to figure out how to get there. We have been using Megabus for a bit now to get to LA and they finally added Reno to their list of destination so off we went.

We left Friday after work, had a stop in Sacramento and than headed to Reno! We got in at about 9ish and checked into our hotel. We did have to take a cab because Peppermill is not in the downtown area. 

Friday and Saturday we just hung out in the room or in the hotel. Part of the package was 25 bucks for arcade play; had a blast on the Pac-man air hockey! - $15 in play money; I won 8 dollars from playing the slot machines! - 2 free passes for the spa,  and $100 dollar to use in their restaurants or stores!

I think this was the first vacation where we didn't wake up early because we had to do something or be somewhere. It was so relaxing!

On Sunday, we headed out to downtown because we had to catch our bus back home and we took photos!

Us in front of the Reno sign. I remeber being so in awe of it when I was younger and watched The Wizard. The town was kinda dead Sunday afternoon so we couldn't ask anyone to get a photo of us together.

I don't know if you can see it, but there's a building where you can climb the wall. I so want to try that next time I'm there. That would be kinda awesome!

There were also these neat mosaic poker chips on the street. Of course, I jumped on them to get some photos. 

After we were done, we went off to get breakfast at a random casino where no one was inside but than we found them either waiting for a table at the resturant - $5 breakfast yo! or at the big screen watching/betting on whatever foot ball game was on.

The food was okay but for 5 bucks, I'm not going to complain. On the way out though, I found some awesome slot machines and I was tempted to play on!!

And because I can never resist visiting when I am in Las Vegas, we went to Circus Circus!!

For those that don't know, Circus Circus is more family friendly. You can not have people under 21 running around the casino floors. Circus Circus has their stuff on the first floor but the parents can shoo their kids to the second floor where there are games!! Both arcade and carnival style. Also, they have mini circus acts. 

We caught this amazing girl doing some awesome aerial  stunts with the hoop, the tale end of a trampoline act, and a guy doing tricks with some adorable puppies.

Also, all around me were games were you could attempt to win plush Minions. I am terrible at these games and some of them are just down right impossible to win. They had the toss the ball in a barrel but it was tilted, toss a ring onto a coke bottle, and knock 3 blocks off the table. I just can't spend my money but all around me, kids and adults had Minions.

On the way out, I decided what the heck, let me using my $8 winnings and try it. We spent three on the claw machine that had little ones and got nothing. Of course, the one I kept dropping, a guy comes in and was able to get it.

We try the knock the wooden cubes off the table. It was 3 throws for 5 bucks. I take the first two. I miss completely on the first one and only knock two on the second try. I give the last throw to Mistah J.

He's not an athlete. He says so every time. He kept saying he was going to miss and not hit anywhere...


We got a MINION!!! I found a snake while we were shooting Robots at the Terminator Salvation game. 

The booth lady asked how he did it and his answer was "She really wanted one."

Ah, yes!

After that win, we headed off to the bus stop to wait for our bus back to San Francisco.

It was a great, lazy, mini vacation. I did actually have a report that was due yesterday that I worked on here and there on the bus & hotel room. 

Have you guys gone on vacation this year? Where too? Any coming up?

And speaking of mini vacation....



  1. OMG! I LOVE The Wizard!!!
    I've had a girl-crush on Jenny Lewis since I saw Troop Beverly Hills when I was 6 (Troop Beverly Hills). She was like my FAVORITE actress!!

    Dude, Reno seems much more chill than Vegas! I need to check it out again as an adult, rather than a tag-a-long child!

    1. I don't own Troop Beverly Hills! I love that film too. Reno was so chill, it was great.

  2. I can't wait to see your Disney pics. Reno looks so fun and you look so adorable in your jumper. :)

  3. Good job, Mistah J! Glad you enjoyed your vacation. I should plan a lazy vacation. We usually go on trips with a long to-do lists, which can sometimes be exhausting. :/


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