San Mateo Bead Show!

My dear friend Jessica, the crazy enabler that she is, got me into making my own jewelry. I have made so many necklaces, geeky necklaces because it's hard to find any and especially any that I like.

Jessica is into stones and gold. I go with beads, sterling silver, and scrabble charms.

We do hit jewelry supply stores but every year there is a bead show in San Mateo that we go to. There is a crazy selection of items and are even cheaper than the stores! I went today with a mission for some sterling silver charms and chain for 2 necklaces that I need to complete.

A selection of some of the vendors. It's rows and rows of color!!! I had a strict budget but I so wanted to buy a ton of seed beads in ALL THE COLORS!! I was a good girl and I didn't!

Every time I see this table I want to buy the leaves but they are sold by weight and can get expensive. One day! I actually have an idea for a necklace. 

These are the charms I ended up buying. I also got a heart shaped lobster clasp. I was also looking for a gun charm but couldn't find it this visit. I found them every where the last time but of course when I need it, none are to be seen. 

I'll post pictures of my necklaces once I'm done. I just need to get through my readings for class first!

Do you guys make jewelry? What do you craft? I love seeing other folks work!


  1. Those Handcuff ones are so fun! They'd be fun for a cardigan clasp too! (library worker pride LOL)

    1. I have been trying to figure out how to make a clasp! I see them around and so want to make my own.

      I was planning on using the bows on a Jubilee necklace I'm making!


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