Thrift Score!! Mrs. Baileys and Harley Quinn!

Back in May, we were in Bakersfield to attend a wedding and I of course had to go thrift shopping. I had found a Mr. Bailey's cup at a local store and was happy as a clam. I'v been spotting these cups in the thrifting blogs I love to visit. My mission was to find Mrs. Bailey....

and I did!

I present to you, Mrs. Bailey's!! I find them so cute and adorable. Again, I don't know what it is about the set but I just love them. Maybe it's the bow or the wink, I just don't know. I found her at a random garage sale for $3.00. I paid $8.00 for the mister. 

The other cute thing I love about these cups is the "YUM" written inside. Gah! So rad. (It's the little, random things.)

Here they are together!!! Ya know, I think it is the bows. 

I forgot to show off the Lego Harley Quinn I found!!! I think this one is part of the huge 100 dollar set and the person just had her for sale.


I am a huge Harley Quinn fan.... like BIG!! I have a small, growing collection of items. (If you would like to see it let me know!) Her and Jubilee are my favorite comic characters. I love them both so much!

Though I despise what DC and Marvel have done to them. Gah! I can start an entire rant but I won't.

Have you guys found anything good lately? Feel free to link me to your blog if you have some thrifty goodness. I love seeing what people find!!

(Linked at Sir Thrift a Lot!)


  1. That Harley is such a rad find. SO lucky.

    1. I love finding Harley items. I found one of the Hot Wheels they made of her.

  2. Very cool! I bought 2 of the Baileys mugs awhile ago at Goodwill. I never knew there was a lady, now I need to put that on my list. That's the 2nd thing in the past 3 minutes that I've added to my thrift wish list from blog reading.

    Lego Harley Quinn is to die for.

    Thanks for linking up to Thriftasaurus!

    ❤ Sir Thrift-A-Lot

    1. Thanks so much! I love reading your blog and seeing everything you find. I also found out a sugar and creamer set exsist as well!

  3. I've never seen those cups before, they are adorable!

  4. The Harley is adorable. I agree about what DC have done to her. The new 52 world is horrible and I have stopped reading a lot of the series.

    1. After the Batwoman fiasco and then the Harley drawing contest, I have taken DC off my pull list.


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