Unearthed from my Closet: Meow!

I had bought this dress from Romwe because it was cute and it was a cat on the chest. I bought it without no real reason for it. It was on sale and I was already ordering Super Hero leggings from them.

Fast forward to the trip to Reno and I decided to wear it for dinner. We to Chi in the Peppermill, which was just terrible. The service was great, totally loved the waiter but the food was just blah.

I love wearing this dress but there was a couple of things, the top is mesh! You can see right through it and the only things covering your front is the cat face but it doesn't cover much. I wore a tank top underneath. Also, the dress is really short on me. I'm 5'8" and one wrong move....

But I love it a lot!!


  1. So Kawaii!
    You could get some fun leggings for it, or, some shiny black ones so it won't feel so dangerous?

  2. You look so beautiful. What a special dress. Love it! I'm glad you got to wear it out somewhere special. :)


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