"You mean action figures? No, I collect toys!" A Thrift Score!!

I actually did have that conversation with someone. I was mentioning how I have too many toys and I heard "don't you mean action figures?" I just looked at them and said "toys." Who am I fooling? These are toys, plain and simple. =)

Hey there awesome yard sale! I'm a sucker for the kid meal toys from yesterday!  I still attempt to buy the toys, MINIONS, but San Francisco passed a law about selling toys in the kids meals and some places will no longer just sell them so I stay out of fast food places.

The Star War toys. We always have to get Star Wars toys especially if it's anything Ewoks. It's rare for us to find Vader with his lightsaber. I have never owned the Han and Carbonite set. That thing is awesome!

Disney toys!! Mainly from McDonald's and Burger King! We got Mickey and Friends Epoct Center Adventure, Dale in Morocco and Minnie in Japan, a Meeko, Molly, and Goliath from Gargoyles. Mistah J is a huge fan of Gargoyles so whenever I find something, I need to get it for him.

Goliath is encased in a rock egg and you push the lever and it spins to revel him. I wanted to do a gif of it but I failed at it.

Meeko is a finger puppet and I actually owned him until he ripped. It was a sad day for me.

Mistah J unearthed a Batman Beyond action figure. He's actually a tinted black, clear figure. Did that make sense?? He also found me another storybook record for my collection. I love storybook records and I play them on my Care Bears record player.

I need to find this movie. I know I watched it but it was a really long, long, long time ago. The funny thing about the record, the side label was bubbling up and coming off. I thought, maybe I could carefully remove it, flatten it under books, and than glue it back on. That didn't happen because when I peeled it off, there was another label under it. It said side 1 and everything. How funny!

TRANSFORMER LUNCHBOX WITH THERMOS!! I have started collecting thermos and oh man did we do a dance when we saw this beauty. We wanted it, we hugged it, we walked around with it, and than we cried when he wanted $15.00 for it. 

I'll take back the hugging part because the back side was disgusting. It had this tacky brown tar like slime on it. It also had so much sticker residue. I cried at it's condition. He said he was afraid to wash it because he didn't want the picture to come off. Mistah J and I chatted and bought it. (Yes, I know, 15 for a lunch box but I did work overtime for 2 weeks and I figured it would be a great present for not quiting!)

We brought it home and Mistah J started to clean it. I didn't know these plastic lunchboxes could be taken apart. We soaked it for a while, used goo gone to wipe it down, and after an hour it was pretty again!!

I want to use it for my lunch but Mistah J doesn't want me to harm it or lose it. 

I won't lie, I may lose it. I think we are going to put it on display with the metal one we have and the toys. 

This was a great haul and I really wanted to make a video but I'm shy and not good at any kind of editing. I have no edit skills. One day I will make a video! Any tips?!

Have you guys found anything cool lately? Garage sale season is ending in SF. It's getting cooler now.

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  1. Ahh! I used to have that Meeko puppet. I have a thrift shop trip planned this weekend. Hoping to find some goodies.

  2. HOW ARE YOU FINDING THIS STUFF!!! That Gargoyle is so rad and I lOVE that transformers luchbox. So cool.


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