Cosplay progress: Kate Bishop part 2!

So I have painted the sunglasses and it was time to make the quiver and arrows!!

I didn't make the arrows in the end because I found out that there was a good chance Disneyland would not let me in with them. So, I made just the quiver.

I read around the internet that folks would use poster tubes as the base. I have so many of them so I combined the posters of one into another and started to work on it!

Mistah J trusted me enough to slice off some poster tube with a hand saw!!

I'm using a saw! I'm slicing things! I didn't hurt myself!! I am very clumsy and prone to accidents.

One time I burned the skin off my fingers with glue from a glue gun. I was working on a costume, I tipped the point of the gun down and hot glue came out onto my fingers. I then wiped it off instead of letting it cool down and peeling it off later. True story!

After I sliced off a portion of the tube and sanded it down to make it more or less even, we went to the basement to spray it black.

Of course, I'm working on this after work and by the time I started painting, the sun had gone down. Have you tried spray painting in the dark? It was fun!!

Here it is in the hallway drying away. Mistah J had also painted the beads we were using for L's Black Widow costume. We came up with a kid friendly one. 

And here it is complete with straps. Mistah J helped me out by slicing some openings to get the straps through. Kate has the straps on both her shoulders so trying to figure out how to get that work was a puzzle but we managed it!

This was fun to work on even though I did this two days before we left for Disneyland. We used the brand named Montana and I love it! It is quite expensive but so much better then Krylon. 

I'm planning on rocking this outfit at ECCC next year so I will be making those trick arrows and trying to work out something better for the straps but they did hold up while people were knocking into me at the park. Since I couldn't have the arrows, I shoved a plush Hawkeye into it.

People loved it!!

I'm actually going to make Vanellope Von Schweetz for Halloween. Pleated skirts are my weakness though so if it doesn't work out, I'll wear Kate Bishop again. What are your plans for Halloween? Who are you going as? Are you making your costume?


  1. Ah, I have so much Halloween stress! T_T I haven't dressed up for a long time, but there are so many parties on campus that I can't avoid it. I'm thinking of going as Mabel from Gravity Falls, though, since I know a lot of nerd friends will understand. :D The cosplay stuff you made is so cool, too! It looks like it took so much work, but was worth it.

  2. Maybe those suction cup arrows, from dollar tree/99cent store.

  3. I'm working on a Michonne costume. Hopefully it will be done before Halloween. If not, I'll be Uhura! :) Great job on the costume!


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