Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Disneyland part three!!

I am back with part three of our Halloween Disneyland trip. We mainly spent it by Frontierland where there was a Halloween fair going on. You got to met the fab five plus Chip and Dale dressed up in costumes and enter a tent to conjure up a villain. There was music, shows, a bit of crafting for the little ones, pumpkin carvers, and just all around a great time.

It was fun to see the characters in Halloween costumes and I actual got picked to call upon a villain. I was giddy like a kid running on sugar!!

Cute little kitty invites you to check out the photos behind the break!

Aren't you excited??? It's almost Halloween!!


  1. Love donalds little pumpkin outfit. So cute. Looks like the bets day, You are so lucky.


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