Five Favorite Things!

(Photo Credit: Nerd-Burger)

Have you checked out Nerd-Burger's youtube channel? If you haven't, you need too. She does comic reviews and they are amazing, funny, and very informative. She's expending her channel/videos as well. I don't sub to many channels but I enjoy her videos!!

I'm watching the first season of American Horror Story and OMG, it is so good!! I've been meaning to catch it but after seeing the cast for season three, I need to catch up. It's streaming on Netflix right now. Again, so good!!

There are no words that explain my happiness!!! Kotobukiya posted the concept art of Jubilee and I need the doll now!! As much as I say I love Harley Quinn, Ivy, and Kate Bishop - Jubilee is my first love. She is the reason I got into comics. I have a couple of the Kotobukiya Harley Quinn's and I really want Ivy and X-23 but my money is going to be saved for this!!

Scribblenauts Unmasked is released and CNN had an article about it and they had photos of iconic DC covers and next to it was the Scribblenauts version of it. I need to pick up this game. I want to see Harley Quinn in action!!

Archer and Danger Zone. Need I say more.


  1. AGGGHH! It's me. Thank you so much for mentioning me. I'm so glad you like my videos.

  2. i love Nerd Burger.
    Kotobukiya and I have this love hate thing. I love the anime/manga style infusion...but I would like to ladies not so scandalous. But, over all: CUTENESS PREVAILS!!!


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