Five Favorite Things!!

I picked up this awesome house slippers at Universal Studios. I love Minions and they had so much product but I managed to narrow it down to the slippers. :hearts:

Disney Infinity released Jack Skellington this month and GameStop had this special edition with case. I'm a sucker for Jack so I had to pick up this one. 

(Photo Credit: Maratini)

I was on tumblr when a post about "The Kick Ass Women of Marvel" there was a quote from Kelly Sue DeConnick was highlighted - "Sometimes spite is the only reason I get out of bed in the morning,"   and tumblr user Maratini turned it into a cross stitch which needs to get made and put upon my wall.

(Photo Credit:wolf-whisperer)

OMGTHECUTENESS!!! This a gif set of three but gah, I don't want to spoil it so click here to go to the page and see it for yourself. Cute animal gifs make my day so much better.

(Photo Credit: catchingdaisy)

After watching Despicable Me, L and I would have random slap fights talking like minions. Yes, we are dorks.

Have a great weekend!!

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