Halloween time: My favorite horror films!

I am a big fan of horror. I'm not sure where it started but I have a big love for it. I have an even bigger love for the stuff from the 1980s. (I have a big love for anything 80s still.) Even though I watch horror movies A LOT but when Halloween rolls around, I get giddy. Every channel starts showing great sci-fi/horror/halloween films and some not so great, campy ones.

I was watching The Walking Dead premiere and AMC was advertising their Halloween Fest. I decided to make a post of some of my favorites. It was really hard to narrow down but I'm hoping you found something new or a old classic you haven't seen it a while.

  1. A Nightmare on Elm Street series
I have a unhealthy love for Freddy Kruger. I wasn't old enough to watch it in theaters (always rated R) but once I was able to use a VCR it sucked me in. The whole idea that you could also die in your sleep just intrigued me and that this guy who just wouldn't speak for the first two movies was terrifying. It did get campier in the later sequels but I still love him. 

I highly recommend watching the first film and A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. 

      2. Critters

Critters is a movie about these massive furball creatures from another planet who end up on earth with the need to feed. It's a great corny film now that I watch it as an adult but when I was younger, I was scared of those things and I thought they were real. Hahaha.. but I highly say check it out.

A bunch of other sequels were made but I love the first two. If you want to see a baby Leonardo Dicaprio, watch the third film. 

     3. Rosemary's baby

I recently watched this file as it is streaming on Netflix and to this day, it is scary as ever from when I watched it last. (I think I was 13.) It's the story about a couple who movie into a building, befriend an elderly couple, and Rosemary ends up pregnant. This is not a film about gore, killing, and such but more like the supernatural. It's creepy. 

Mia Farrow is amazing in this film.

    4. The Thing

John Carpenter makes some great horror films and The Thing is no exception. It's the story of a group of guys that end up being "attacked" by an Alien. Not everything is what you see or believe. There are so many twists and turns, you never know which way it will go. I mean, if this is the first time you are seeing it. 

A prequel was made in 2011 that takes place right before the film. I did watch it and it was pretty good. Check it out at least once if you haven't.

       5.  Evil Dead (2013)

Evil Dead is a remake/re-imagining of the original film from 1979 that stared Bruce Campbell. It take the same concept of friends and woods, book and chants, but does it's own thing. I'm not a fan of remakes, never am at first but I will give it a shot. Most of them are pretty good but I can say, Evil Dead stood on it's own and it was great! I was so grossed out, hiding myself, and just hanging onto Mistah J. 

Watch both films and please give the remake a shot!

     6. REC

REC is a Spanish film that was released in 2007. It was remade in the States under the name Quarantine. The story is about a news crew that tags along with a fire fighter crew who responds to a call from an apt complex and when they get there, they are locked in and not allowed to leave. Then things go to hell from there. A cop gets bit, a girl is sick, and well you know where it may go. Two other sequels were released with a fourth and final film coming out in 2014. The third film was streaming on Nextflix but I'm not sure if it still is. The original films are better then the remakes. If you have watched Quarantine and Quarantine 2, give these a chance. 


I know some folks can't handle horror films, like my best friend so I have a couple of TV recs if that is more your cup of tea!

1. The Walking Dead
 Season four just started and the first three are streaming on netflix. WATCH IT! The story does involved Zombie but it's about the people. 

2. American Horror Story
 Each season is it's own self contained story. I watched the first season on netflix and it had me on the edge of my seat. A lot of my friends couldn't understand how I was able to watch it in one go. It was alot for them to handle on a weekly bases.

3. The X-files
 Okay, not a horror/scary series but some of the episodes did get me. Granted I was in middle school when the series started. The first season will always be my love. You should watch Eugene/Tooms, Darkness Falls, and Ice if you have limited time.

I hope you like some of these films. Let me know your thoughts on my list and what you may be watching this Halloween!!


  1. Nightmare on Elm Street was some serious nightmare fuel for me as a kid! I'm kinda curious about the new American Horror Story: Coven, looks interesting.

    This year I've been watching a lot of super cheesy horror movies to mix it up from the classics, one in particular being In The Mouth of Madness directed by John Carpenter.

  2. Loved this post. I love the Thing. My all time fave is seed of Chucky.

    1. Bahahah. I love Seed of Chucky. Jennifer Tilly is the best!

  3. The Thing is probably my favourite horror movie of ALL TIME, and I'm glad you showed a little love for REC. Have you seen much J-horror? I know they got pretty derivitive, but the first RINGU still scares the ever-living bejesus out of me every. single. time.


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