Meltdown Comics!

Okay, so continuing on with my LA photos! Mistah J wanted to check out Meltdown Comics which is located on Sunset. Mistah J is fan of the Nerdist and Indoor Kids podcast and I guess they record on the top floor of this shop. He asked if we could go and well....

Who am I to say to no visiting comic shops!!

I'm putting everything behind the page break to save your bandwith. 

These guys were actual costumes from the TV show and they had them on loan. This was such a neat thing to see. 

I love She-ra and He-man. I wanted to buy everything in the case but ya know, a thing called money is needed and not had.

A collegeville Catwoman costume. They are the Halloween costumes that come with a vinyl "dress." I wanted it but I was too scared of the price. The Ben Cooper/Collegeville costumes can get expensive. Especially since I just want the mask to put on my wall. 

It was such a great store and I walked away with a few things. I got a Transformer vinyl. I ended up bloxing a rare one! A Grimlock shirt because I am a Grimlock fangirl, and some Doctor Who post it notes. 

A girl can never have too many post it notes. 

Do you have a favorite comic shop? Is it local or one you visited while on vacation? Meltdown was awesome but I will always love our local shop, Whatever Comics. 


  1. Doctor Who post its sound amazing!! I may have to find some online for myself hehe. Those Enid toys are so incredible!!

    1. The post it notes are cute! I need a reason to pop soon for me to use them but I kinda don't want to!

  2. Look at all the rad Daniel Clowes Enid minis. So cute. I hope I get to visit Meltdown comics one day.

    1. It was such a great store! I actually read Ghost World because of you! It was a great comic. Mistah J picked up the movie. He hasn't read it but really enjoyed the film.

  3. It's just as awesome as I remember it!


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