Playing tourist! Los Angeles and Hollywood!

Mistah J and I took a mini trip to LA so we could go to Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. The event didn't start until 7 and we decided instead of spending the morning at USH, buying an entrance ticket, leaving the park, and re-entering, we made a plan to visit Meltdown Comics, Johnny Cupcakes, Tarina Tarantino, Tokidoki, JapaneLA, and Kidrobot.

The latter stores were mainly for me.

I did my research and found out which station we needed to exit and then I realized that stop was where El Captain and TCL Chinese Theatre are located. I've been wanting to visit these places too.

I'm trying to convince Mistah J to go this weekend so we can watch Nightmare before Christmas in 4D but he is leaving for PI this Tuesday. Maybe a solo trip? :)

I freaked out when I saw their autographs on the ground. I think I scared a few tourists that were near by.

Hollywood and Highland center. It's a huge outdoor mall and they had the most amazing Candy Shop!

After the mall and surrounding area, we made our way to Meltdown Comics. Mistah J has been wanting to check it out since that is where Nerdist records his podcast and they talk about it. I had a nerdgasm  and took so many photos. That's going to be it's own post.

We then made our way to Melrose to hit up JapanLA, Johnny Cupcakes, TokidokiTarina Tarantino, and Kidrobot.

I discovered Johnny Cupcakes from a co-worker and bought a few of their Nickelodeon x Johnny Cupcake shirts. They released a TMNT collection and bought one of the designs.

I discovered Tarina Tarantino while working at a jewelry store. I am a big fan of her Hello Kitty and Alice in Wonderland series. I walked away with a Hello Kitty Gothic ring. I got distracted by the shiny and didn't get photos of inside the store. It was so pretty and pink!

I 've loved Tokidoki before products were made. I discovered his art one day while killing time on the internet. I bought the very first purse from his LeSport Sac collection. I walked out with a Unicornio sweater.

Our friends met up with us and we hit Kidrobot, we bought a few vinyls since they were having a buy one get one free sale. The Marvel Labbits didn't count but I got Loki! Now to find Deadpool.

We drove over to JapanLA and by then I had stopped taking photos. I spazzed over the cuteness of EVERYTHING. I bought a Bad Batz Maru skirt-all. Mistah J shook his head. I love over-alls, I never grew out of them. I still have my Winnie the Pooh and Tigger one.

We then went to get some dinner before we headed to Universal Studios for  their Halloween Horror Nights. I'm terrified of haunted houses/mazes but they have The Walking Dead and Evil Dead theme mazes!! That's a post for another time!

Have you been to LA? What are your favorite spots to visit?


  1. Johnny Cupcakes, Tara Tarintino and Tokidoki all in one day? You are so lucky. Please take photos of your Jhonny Cupcakes shirt close up. I want to see. :)

    1. I shall!! It was my first trip and I was so excited. They are some great brands!

  2. I love Hollywood and Highland. Theres a great Mongolian BBQ place in there, I have to eat a bowl every time I visit lol. I'm jealous of your store visits though, I haven't been to any of them and I love Tokidoki (I have some purses) and JapanLA and Tarina Tarantino ( I live vicariously through them on Instagram). Sounds like a great trip!

    1. It was and I need to remember about that BBQ place. Next time I'm there, I need to find it!


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