Postcard Scrapbook!

I love sending postcards. I love getting them in my PO BOX. I have a huge collection of them but they are all over the place. I haven't been able to figure out what to do with them, how to showcase them, how to save them.

During this entire time, I have been making scrapbooks of my photos. It finally dawned on me, I can scrapbook my postcards as well!!

I had an extra creative memories scrapbook in purple (my favorite color!) and I decided to use it to hold my postcards. I didn't want to glue the back to the pages. I want to be able to go back and read what has been written on them.

Photo corners!!!

I found some clear photo corners at Muji and I set off to try it out!!

Here's a photo of the Disneyland and Paradise Pier Hotel postcards on a Mickey theme paper.

I can fit 4 postcards on a page. I'm using a 12 x 12 album to store the postcards. 

This is going to be fun! I get to keep them in a book and not in/on my desks, floor, in random books so they stay flat etc. I don't think the album will have enough pages to hold the pile I have but it is refillable so I'm going to hit eBay to get some more.

In case you're wondering where/how I get so many postcard, I joined Postcrossing and Swap Bot. Swap Bot is pretty much joining swap groups and swapping. I mainly go for the postcard ones. Postcrossings is just mailing out postcards. You sign up, fill out your profile, request an address so you can send a postcard. Once you send it and the person gets it, they register it, and your name gets put into the pool so you can get one.

I hope I have given you an idea what to do if you are a collector of postcards and trying to figure out how to store them.

Do you send out postcards? Like getting them?

Would you like to get one from me? I took photos of the huge pumpkin Mickey at Disneyland and I love to make it into a postcard to mail out. I will also include a quote from my favorite horror movie!!

If you want one, please drop me an e-mail at usagiwonderland13(at)gmail(dot)com! 


  1. I have boxes of stuff to catch-up on scrapbooking, I LOVE the postcard scrapbooking idea..and that April post card I see there! I used to pin post cards on different places on the wall and saw an idea for sewing them together with a sewing machine and displaying them as wall art that was awesome.

  2. Fantastic idea! I have a ton in shoeboxes.


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