Random Collections!

First off, welcome to my new readers! Please, make yourself at home and I hope you enjoy my little corner of the web!! Thanks for subbing!! (Subbing? Is that a thing? For blogs?)

As you know, I am a thrifter. Mistah J and I like to check out thrift stores, antiques, flea markets, the sorts and see what cool nostalgic stuff we can find. It's mainly geeky things or things from our childhood. I do have a thing for furniture/items from the 50s-60s.

And Pyrex. I love Pyrex.

But anyways, the point of this post is have you started up a collection of things by mistake? Okay, so not really a mistake but you weren't on a mission to collect these items or made it a point. It just happened.

Mistah J laughs at me when I say "I didn't meant to collect them. It just happened!"

I wasn't set out to start collecting them. I rescued the Transformers one from a Goodwill. The Lion King was next at a Salvation Army. Dick Tracy was found in a box at the flea market. Now I have five of them. I think once I find a Princess of Power one, I will stop "collecting" them.

Do you remember the Ben Cooper/Collegeville halloween costumes? In case you don't or have never heard of them, they were costumes that had a vinyl dress or pant suit and came with a plastic mask. They were huge until the late 80s, very early 90s. The companies went out of business. I wore these costumes when I was a kid. I found one and it spiraled out of control.

Mistah J does not approve. He says he's scared of them. My mission to make a line of these mask up on the wall. I have a She-ra that I need to hang up.

Ahem, if you by chance come across any Thermos or Masks and want them to go to a good home, I will be happy to help out!

THESE GLASSES!! From what I have found out, Pepsi made these in the 70s and I think they were sold in fast food places. My first one was a Henry the Hawk from Looney Tunes. Found it at the Treasure Island flea market. It turned into my picking these up randomly and now I have nine of them. The Looney Tunes are sitting on a shelf and I can't reach them but I will photograph them!

Do you guys collect any of these items? Do you have a random collection that you didn't mean to start but it happened? Am the only crazy one?


  1. I LOVE the old thermos!

    PS. Is that Ed and Ein in the mask pic?

  2. Poochie! Wow that takes me back.

  3. Saw this and it reminded me of you http://www.flickr.com/photos/41976920@N06/7670932776/

  4. Love these masks. And i LOVE Pyrex. Like, I have an insane amount of it.


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