Thrift Score!!


My monthly trip to the flea market at Treasure Island came up and I went alone. Mistah J is on vacation with his family and most of my friends were running around doing other things.

It was a nice sunny day and it was nice just walking around alone. I didn't buy much this trip but the few things I did get, they are awesome.

I know I showed you guys the front of the glasses yesterday but here's a shot of the back. I also found a third Disney glass but that's a Christmas present so I can't show it just yet. They are adorable and will hang out with the Looney Tunes set I have going.

I do plan on using them, just me though. Don't trust the rest of the household!!

Legos!! A Michaelangelo from TMNT but he had the wrong weapon and  Bones. I want to make necklaces out of both but I'm not sure how to get a loop/hook through them.

I like to make jewelry but I don't know the name of the actual supplies!! Haha...

Can I mention that I leave tomorrow!? I LEAVE TOMORROW TO LONDON!!!

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