Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights 2013!!

We went to Universal for their Halloween Horror Nights. It was our first time there during the Halloween festivities. I wanted to go because of The Walking Dead maze. I had such a blast and I really want to do it again next year!!


Had to give a quick Hello to my favorite Minion!

They had a walk through from the film "The Purge." People were walking around with chainsaws or axes, wearing the masks that the characters wore in the film. I still need to see it.

The Walking Dead maze. They made it look just like the prison! It was so awesome inside and I got scared a lot! You got to walk inside the prison, "outside", and then you made your way to Woodbury! The wait to get in was almost two hours. Ugh!

The only ride we got on was The Transformers 3D ride. 

Oh, crap! I ran into Chucky!!

While walking the route on the Terror Tram, we ran into Norman Bates. 

We didn't take a lot of pictures because it was dark (of course) and I spent my time running away from zombies but it was blast and I can't wait to do it again next year!

Do you guys like haunted houses/mazes? Have you gone to any this year? Where? 


  1. The last time I was in Cali we were supposed to go down to Knotts Berry Farm for their epic mazes, but the day before we were supposed to go we went to the teeny-tiny maze at US for Van Helsing and I got so traumatized we had to cancel KBF. I was shaky and sweaty and just a mess, lol!

  2. Wow. The walking dead maze looks awesome!

  3. HAHAHAH! You guys are so cute. Love the last pic. I wish we had stuff like this in Australia but no-one celebrates Halloween. :(

  4. I want to try and go one year! Especially while there is walking dead stuff!


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