Birthday Wishlist

One week from today it will be my birthday. Another year has rolled around and it was a fab! I did have plans for a karaoke party but I am still broke from my amazing trip!

Mistah J and I were talking about birthday presents and how he can't really buy me things because I mention things but I go out and buy it myself in the end.

I like to keep him on his toes.

So I sort of made a Birthday Wish list!!

  • Hello Cavities Bat Sweater. I have been in love with this sweater for a long time. 
  • This insane Doctor Who Box Set! I don't expect him to get it for me but I plan on saving up for it.
  • Dino leggings!! Enough said.
  • Girl Power Disney Infinity set. It's not on sale yet.
  • Forever 21 Mickey and Minnie crop sweater. I just love this collection.
  • I really want an over-all skirt. Mistah J hates any kind of over-alls so it will be fun to get him to buy me one.
It's going to be a quiet birthday this year. Like I mentioned, I am broke from my trip but I also have school the actual night of my birthday so yea.

Low key birthday!!


  1. I am also totally in love with that sweater. And I LOVE the dino tights. Have a fabulous birthday! Hope you get everything you wish and more!

  2. I have wanted the same bat jumper and Dino leggings for ever so long. Your going to look so rad in them.

  3. My hubby and I received Last years Doctor Who set (the DVD set) from my family last year! I am pretty stoked about the blue ray one.
    Alas I don't have a player. I REALLY hope you get it! Just promise you'll post pics of the goodies inside if you do? :)

  4. i love that bat sweater! Have a great birthday!


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