Doctor Who 50th Anniversary!!

I got to attend the simulcast of the 50th anniversary with Mistah J and Debra. At first they were only showing it on one screen and by the time Saturday rolled around, they were playing it on all of them. 

We got there and there were so many people cosplaying and just all general geeking out over this awesome TV show. 

I won't post spoilers since I know some folks haven't watched it yet but it was AMAZING!! I enjoyed it so much and I may have shed a tear or two. 

If you've seen it, what were your thoughts on it? Did you enjoy it? Love it? Cry? See that twist coming?


  1. All the screenings were sold out around us so we had to wait and um... find it elsewhere. I'm still sad they couldn't get Eccelston to guest, but it was wonderful seeing 10 & 11 (or make that 11 & 12) working together.

  2. The artistic expression twist? I kind of thought (& a lot of hoped) that would be what was going to happen!
    And the eyebrows!?!?! That was great!!! Also MUSEUM EMPLOYEES!!!

  3. So many rad costumes. It always makes me so happy to see fans of something come together to celebrate something like that.


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