Happy Halloween and blog HIATUS!!!

Happy Halloween!! How was your day? Did you go trick or treating? Stay home and watch tv/movies?

I went trick or treating with my friends. I was Agnes from Despicable Me. I had Fluffy with me!!

And on that note I leave you with my blog being on hiatus!! I'll be in London and Paris for the next two weeks and well, I don't think I shall be posting!! I also got stuck with an assignment due in my Sex and the Law class so I need to focus on that as well.

I will see you guys when I get back!!! If you want to see my adventures, follow me on Instagram!! I will try to post there!!



  1. Have fun in Paris!
    Thank everyone's costumes look FANTASTIC!

  2. I see London, I see France... how does that go? lol
    Have an awesome trip!
    Love the costume.

  3. Enjoy your trip! Can't wait to see photos from your adventure on Instagram!


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