Christmas Tree.... Oh, Christmas Tree...

On Thanksgiving, we put up the Christmas tree! Christmas is my second favorite holiday, Halloween being the first, and we would put it up on my Birthday but because we no longer get L until after Christmas we do it during her visit Thanksgiving.

We've opted for a fake tree. I use to do real but it has gotten harder and the lack of room to get a real tree in here. I'm on the sixth floor of my apt building and I don't have a car or an actual DL to rent a car. It's just so much easier to put up and take down a fake tree.

We started out with just wanting a geek theme tree but than it turned into a Disney tree. Earlier this year, I bought a bunch of Star Wars Hallmark ornaments at the Flea Market so I'm excited to use them. I also got a Rainbow Brite ornament at the local Hallmark store. I'm sad I missed out on their Harley Quinn release. 

How's your tree? Is it up yet? You got a a theme for it?


  1. Loving your tree skirt! Is it bought or DIY?

    1. I never replied!! So sorry! I made it! Well, I bought the red tree skirt at the dollar store and added Pac-man and the ghosts using felt!

  2. Love the rainbow Brite ornament. Super cute.

  3. I too am a Halloween fan, with Christmas as my VERY close 2nd! Your tree looks so fun. Our tree is only about 1' high...sardine-can California Apartments eh?

    I'm going to have to make my mum hunt down the Harley ornament. Have you checked Kohl's? They sometimes sell Hallmark Ornaments.


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