Five Favorite Things!!

  • I am loving this Geek Holiday wreath from Our Nerd Home. They made it out of poster and card board but I decided to be insane and make it out of perler beads with the circle out of cardboard. I'm in the middle of it and will post progress photos when I complete it.
  • Funko has released their first accessory with the POP figures. The amazing Batman 1966 TV series Bat mobile with Batman. I really want this guy but need to save up!
  • The black and white Bruce Timm Harley Quinn statue. I checked DC universe online but she's not available for ordering so I need to track down a place to pre order but she will be mine.
  • I am totally enjoying Almost Human. I only started watching it because I have such a huge crush on Karl Urban but I just love the show. I really hope FOX doesn't cancel it.
  • This LSP dress from Black Milk Clothing. I love Adventure Time and Lumpy Space Princess is my favorite character. The dress is a bit out of my price range right now. 
I hope your Christmas was great and that you got some amazing things!! Have a good weekend!!

1 comment

  1. Holy Funk amazingness Batman!!!
    I need two of those Batmobiles..one for me and one for my classic Batman collecting dad!
    Thank you for sharing it!!!


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