PassionFruit Ad.... thoughts?

This isn't part of my schedule blog posts but I wanted to pose a question...

Do you use Passion Fruit? Do you like it? Is it worth it?

I actually want to get their Sweetheart package. It's on sale and I've been wanting to swap ads with fellow readers but I am not good at the whole HTML coding for that. I use to be able to do that in high school but I have forgotten it all!

It offers one paid large ad and unlimited swapping ads. I probably won't be asking for sponsors for the large ad but I want to swap ads with my readers.

Let me know what you think. Would you swap banners with me? Do you think paying to have someone else handle the banners worth it?

I've tried looking for a widget on Blogger to place them on the side of my banner but have come across nothing.



  1. I use Passionfruit for advertising and ad swaps and I'm really liking it so far. I'm okay with HTML, but the Passionfruit widget makes updating ads a breeze.

  2. I would love to swap. I can hopefully get the gist of the HTML...I will let you know what I find?
    I will work on it this evening and weekend! :)

  3. Big time is it worth it. I love passionfruit. I do a lot of Banner swaps and lost track of which ones were still meant to be up etc. This took all the trouble out of it. They are fantastic and now I don't even have to think about it. PS: I'd love to do a banner swap.


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