Thrift Score

I haven't been thrifting in a while and I happened to walk by "Out of the Closet' and popped in.

I love Lisa Frank and I had so many of her items when I was in school. I guess the company is making it's way back but I haven't been able to find anything in stores. I found this awesome zip around binder!! I wasn't going to get it at first but then I remembered that I store my cross stitching thread in these plastic pockets in a binder but they fall out. Now with the zipper, I'm not going to have worry about losing them. 

I found an Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas album! I couldn't say no to it especially since it was recorded at the North Pole. I do love the Chipmunks but please don't ask me about the live action film.

Not bad for such a small haul! What have you found thrifting? 

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  1. Lisa Frank has been making a comeback and it makes me so excited!


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