Top Five of 2013!!

Ahhh.... another year has come to a close and 2013, you gave me some issues but it was amazing. I asked you to be good to me and you were.

I decided to share with you, my lovely readers, my top 5 things of 2013. So here we go!

Top Five Films
  • Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters- I have such a fangirl crush on Jeremy Renner!
  • Thor: The Dark World- LOKI!!
  • Evil Dead- I was so worried about the remake but it blew me out of the water!!
  • This is the end- It was freaking funny! I enjoyed every moment!
  • Frozen - I'm not sure if it was the soundtrack or the characters but this is such an amazing Disney film. 
Top Five Songs
  • Let it go by Idina Menzel - I love her voice and her version of the song.
  • Royals by Lorde - I think it just got stuck in my head but I do like it
  • Young & Beautiful by Lana Del Rey - I love, love her voice and it's such a beautiful song.
  • Just Give me a Reason by Pink - L would sing it all the time so I started to listen to it. Haha..
  • Serial Killer by Lana Del Rey - Okay, this is actually a unreleased track that I discovered on 8tracks on someone's fanmix and I couldn't stop listening to it.
Top 5 Comics
  • Hawkeye by Matt Fraction - The adventures of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop when they are not being Avengers. Matt Fraction is such a great writer!
  • X-men (All female team!) - I am so excited to see Jubilee back!!
  • The X-Files Season 10!! - The X-Files was the start of me being in fandom before I knew what it was and anytime anything new X-Files surface, I am all over it like cake.
  • Harley Quinn by Jimmy Palmiotii - I was so upset that Jim Lee changed Harley's costume and I only kept buying Suicide Squad to keep Harley Quinn around but now that she is back in a solo issue that seems really great and amazing cover art by Amanda Conner, I can now drop Suicide Squad and I love the roller derby outfit so much better!
  • Captain Marvel by Kelly Sue DeConnick - I became a fan of her from reading her tumblr and seeing her panel at ECCC but I never picked up an issue even though Mistah J told me I need to start reading. I ate through all of them on the train ride to cardiff. Ugh, such a great series and if you are fighting Dinosaurs, how can I say no!
Top Five Video/Mobile Games
  • The Simpsons Tapped Out - Such a simple game but I'm addicted to getting all the items!!
  • Animal Crossing - I bought a 3DS just for this game because they weren't releasing it on the DS. 
  • Disney Infinity - The whole idea of having to buy figures to play them in the game is just mind blowing but so much fun!!
  • Candy Crush - It's like Tetris but not. 
  • Marvel Super Hero Lego - All the lego games are just so much fun!! These guys know how to write games!
Top Five Trips
  • London/Paris - such an amazing experience!
  • Seattle - It reminded me of home and I also got to attend ECCC!
  • Reno - Small town but it was nice to get away from everything!
  • Los Angeles - we always head to So Cal just for Disneyland but it was great to actually go around LA and going to Universal Studios Horror Nights!
  • Halloween Time Disneyland - I can not , not add this trip!!
Other Top Five Moments
  • Getting into SF State! (Jan 2013)
  • Surviving my first semester at SF State! (August-December 2013)
  • Blogging!!
  • Paying off my debt!
  • Having three stamps on my passport!
What are your top moments of 2013? Post a link and let me know if you blog about it!! 

Here's to an amazing 2014!!


  1. I love the Grimlock hoodie! Sad thing is it's hard to think of top moments for me because I worked nearly 24/7 the whole. damn. year. Need to innovate and think big next year! :) I did have gangbuster Christmas sales and good #s all around.

  2. YES TO SO MUCH OF THIS POST! Hawkeye, Frozen, Harley Quinn!!! So good and YAY for paying off debt. It has been so rad meeting you this year!

  3. Yay for school! And paying off debt! And awesome movies and comics. I have got to check out that Hawkeye book, I don't know anyone who didn't put it in their top 5 this year.

  4. I second much of this! I too bought a 3DS for Animal Crossing New Leaf (and Pokemon X).
    I also loved X-Men (all ladies team). Also, All-New X-Men!
    Your sweatshirt is so awesome btw! Glad you had a great year!


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