Blog Update!!

I use bloglovin to catch up on my blog reading and I sometimes don't venture to the actual blog but if you have a moment, come over and check out my blog! I changed it up a bit and I am proud of it! Haha!

I added a glittery background because I love glitter and it is purple!! Blogger was having a fit with the sizing and it totally looks blown up. I will mess with it later.

I also made a new banner!! This was a fun attempt to make! The first picture is The Phantom Manor from Disneyland Paris, Me as Usagi at a Halloween party (eat all things!!), one of the many beautiful Gargoyles located at Norte Dame in Paris, and the last photo is at Universal Studios in Hollywood, obsessing over Fluffy!

Updated the about me photo from the Doctor Who experience in Cardiff.

I also added a banner to the right and I totally would love to swap banners with you guys! I'm still working on trying to get a box under the photo with a link/html to my blog & banner so all you have to do is copy and paste but I am having issues. Once I figure it out, it will be up! (Or someone can totally help me, that would be cool!) but leave me a note in the comments if you want to swap!!

Please let me know what you think of the slight re-vamp!! I want to keep things fresh and I think it was time to update the layout. I had the same one going since I started blogging in May 2013.

And one final note...


It means a lot that people are liking what I do and we can all geek out together. Have a great weekend!


  1. Love the new header and the glitter background! Glitter forever!!

  2. LOVE the new banner. So much fun and the glittery purple background suits you so much.

  3. The new header is awesome! I love Glitter, and Purple, so: I think it looks great! :D
    Um, if you don't mind, I'd like to banner swap, if you're cool with that :)


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