Cartoon Art Museum!

Jaime and I headed to the Cartoon Art Museum last month to check out the GRAINS OF SAND: 25 YEARS OF THE SANDMAN exhibit. I'm not going to lie, I have not read the comic.

(This is where I shall hide from everyone yelling at me.)
Jaime has and loves it! We are fans of Neil Gaiman but I just never have gotten around to it. I was interested in seeing the exhibit so I tagged along.

The art is just amazing!! I found so many pieces that I just to take home. They even had the pitch that Neil Gaiman sent to the honcho's about what he wanted to do/write about. This exhibit has made me even more interested in reading it! Gah!! And Death just seems like such a cool character.

I did take pictures (iphone) at the museum but decided against posting all of them. I don't want to spoil it for some and as I am going through them, I noticed a few signs saying, please do not post photo on the internet. One of them was for the cover of issue two of Sandman Overture. So I picked my favorite two for you to enjoy!

And also at the museum, they had Max and Sam The art of Steve Purcell.

Do you guys remember them? I totally remember the game but all the comics and stuff I never knew about. It was neat to see the art. I actually made of them into a wallpaper for my phone.

If you are in San Francisco, you should definitely check out the Cartoon Art Museum. They have so many great exhibits.


  1. Jealous. Those exhibits sounds great. I also had no idea about the Sam & Max comics. And you really owe it to yourself to read Sandman, or at least the Death: The High Cost of Living mini series to get you started. I'll stop there before you get overwhelmed by my fangirling.

  2. Wow, awesome! Been a fan of Gaiman's for awhile now.

  3. Oh, I love Sandman. I won't yell at you about not reading it, but you should get on that! I would love to see a post about the Totoro exhibit!


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