DIY: Packing Tape Clutch!

I've been making clutch wallets out of paper/cardstock and packing tape. I've made a She-ra one and a Cowboy Bebop one for a friends Birthday. 

I had a friend who was moving away requested an Ouran High School Host Club clutch. I printed out a picture, covered it up with packing tape, and folded it up to look like a clutch! That was it.

I taped on the back a piece of thicker cardboard to make it a little more stronger and give it a solid color. To be able to close it, I just added Velcro but you could also use magnet and a washer. 

I forgot to take photos of the final product but she was nice enough to send me photos once she got back home and settled. They are really simple to make but so much fun and I love the compliments I get when I use my She-ra one. It's tough to find myself geeky wallets so making them is the next best thing.

And if these rip, I can always fix it with packing tape!! I'm working on creating other geeky accessories. I want to try my hand on making a purse. I thrifted some Sailor Moon curtains and I'm wondering if that will work into making a purse. I also have some MARVEL fabric from when I got the Star Wars one. 

Don't you hate it when you get so many ideas but not enough time in the day!! 


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