Five Favorite Things!

  • The Canon Selphy printer. It's a photo printer so it only prints up to 4x6 but it has a wireless feature so I can send my iphone photos right to it! 
  • Penelope. I have never seen the film and it has popped up on Netflix, streaming. It's such a cute film. I love Christina Ricci but never got around to watching it. 
  • This Nightmare on Elm Street shirt from Black Milk Clothing. Sadly, it is sold out. =(
  • Lidia Green Blythe doll. I only own one, Prima Dolly Violettina, but I am loving this doll. I think it's the rabbit mask she comes with.
  • Marvel Lego Super Heroes! I am having a blast playing this game. We've played the first three levels so far. I love that Clark Gregg is also voicing Agent Coulson.
I'm trying to do something different with my Top Five. I use to show photos and stuff but some times I forget when it comes to comic scans/movies/tv shows etc not everyone is caught up so I'm trying to avoid spoilers.

And on that note, I bid you farewell. I am heading to Disneyland tomorrow!! Yay!!!


  1. Have fun at the Magic Kingdom. Have a monte cristo sandwich for me ;)

  2. Penelope is really very adorable! Have fun at Disneyland!


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