Five Favorite Things!!

Black Milk Clothing released photos of their Batman collection and I NEED THE SLUMBER PARTY TOP!! I also want the Poison Ivy swimsuit. Check out the collection on their pinterest page.

The Crazy Bat Lady  blogged about this awesome Adventure Time/Batman clothing from Living Dead Clothing. I want the Wonder Princess Bubblegum suit.

I haven't worn body suits but Forever 21 is killing it!! I just bought this Optimus Prime and a MARVEL bodysuit. I also saw in store both Superman and Batman varsity jackets. 

Wet Seal has this really cute The Little Mermaid backpack. I couldn't decide between that or the MARVEL one in store so I walked away without buying.

Hot Topic has this crazy Batman Detective Comics dress and I went to the only mall in SF that has the store. To my surprise IT IS GONE!! Booo... but I still want this dress so I'm gonna order it and see how it looks. I may also get the Beauty and the Beast stain glass one too!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. SOOO KEEN for the black milk batman collection. I love that Terry and rachel dodson pillow fight shirt and that killing joke bomber jacket is flipping amazing.

  2. Wonder Woman & Bubblegum Princess together at last!!

  3. That Slumber party sleeper is SO cool!!!


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