January 2014 Loot Crate!

This month's Loot Crate arrived. The theme was launch. I was not too impressed with this month. The other ones I have gotten (since August) have been awesome (Sept and Oct) or pretty neat (Nov and Dec) but Jan just didn't get me excited.

I did get a cool Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book and a pack of Star Wars TCG pack. I don't play it though.

Some stickers, a badge, and a NASA patch. I'm going to put the stickers on my print folder that I take with me to cons to hold fan art and posters that I buy.

I got a General Zod POP funko figure and a Mine craft calendar. I do collect POP Funko figures but I'm not a fan of the Man of Steel film - saw it on the plane home from Germany and I didn't like it. I may sell it or see if someone on the #lootcrate tag on IG will trade their Domo Superman for it.

Again, I wasn't impressed with this box but that's all me. I'm not a fan of these items but to the next person, they loved it. It's sort of the chance I take subbing to it. I will keep going with it though because in general, I do always like something in each box.

So far the best item ever was the Ewoking Dead shirt I got in Oct and the MichaelAngelo POP Funko in Sept. 


  1. Yeah, I think those Ninja Turtles POP figurines were probably the best items we got. Rick also liked the caffeine T-shirt from Aug, but they only had guys sizes.

  2. That NASA patch rules! I've been looking one and haven't been able to settle on one yet. ♥ Maybe next months will be better!

  3. The Ewoking Dead tee has been my favorite thing from a Loot Crate. I'm getting ready to do a giveaway with all the other stuff from past Loot Crates that I don't really care for. I only subscribe sporadically, and it seems like so far I've chosen bad months lol. They never seem to suit my interests, its always the months I don't subscribe that I think are awesome.


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