LCS: Whatever Comics!

Let me tell you about my favorite local comic shop!!

Whatever Comics is located on Castro by 18th in San Francisco, CA!! I've been coming to this shop for about 3 years. The owners, Rich and Coug are just the greatest!!

They offer pull lists and are really great at holding comics for a while. They will hold them for months if you let them know. They are always on the lookout for me on things they know I like. They always set aside anything Harley Quinn for me. They are great with recommendations and put issues of new series on hold if they think I may like it. Of course, if I am not interested, I'm not forced to get it.  

I just wanted to share my favorite shop! I like to be loyal and it took a bit to find a shop I don't mind giving my business too! LCS are hard to find in San Francisco. One place I use to go, the owner was just a grumpy old man but I went to him to pick up my The X-Files comics (TOPPS, YO!!) Sadly, his shop closed down. The second place I found would over price everything! If there were variants of the issue, forgot about getting it at cover price. A statue that would retail at 59.99 would be sold for about 80! 

If you are ever in San Francisco or are in the Bay Area and are looking for a comic shop, I highly suggest Whatever Comics. Such a great place with wonderful owners!!


  1. Yay for supporting your local comic shop! I haven't had a local since I moved to Montreal, mostly because there aren't many places here that carry the right mix of mainstream and indie stuff that appeals to me, but I love it when you can really rely on a store to recommend you stuff. That's the best.

  2. It looks fantastic. So welcoming and organized. I hope I can visit one day.

  3. Awesome! I love my local comics stores: Comickaze, Southern California Comics, and--my favorite--Yesteryear Comics!

    The owner of Yesteryear holds our series, and some recommendations too! I LOVE this about small comic stores!

    It's like Cheers eh? "You wana go where [your shop operaters] know your name" :)


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