New blog planner!

I had found a really cute Hello Kitty 2014 planner for 2 bucks but because I already had my amazing day planner that I put together, I didn't really need another one. A few day later, I was going through my bloglovin feed and came across a post on The Dainty Squad where she talked about blog planning for 2014 and linked to a post where she wrote about the process.

I loved her awesome idea of writing blog posts onto post it notes which she then places on the date. This way she can easily move them around if blog ideas/dates change. I had printed out a blog planner for my day planner but I kept changing ideas, dates, and just scribbling everywhere that I felt like I was wasting paper.

So it clicked in my head to try this and then I remembered about the Hello Kitty planner. I ran back to Walgreens but alas, they were sold out. I did find a purple one (above photo) for the same price and figured I can just cover it with stickers. The only time Hello Kitty was seen was on the cover.

I took these photos while I set it up with post it notes. So far it has been wonderful. Every time I changed my mind, I moved the post it note. No white out, no scribbles, no mess, and I'm not throwing paper away. If I don't plan on posting for the day, the post it paper can go onto another day. 

And since it is working so well, I am now willing to use my cute post its!! Haha.. I have so many!

Thanks to The Dainty Squid for the amazing idea and if you haven't checked our her blog, you should. Her cemetery photo post are my favorites. 


  1. I do like a post it idea! I'm using small ones in my planner too, as well as a blog idea sheet of paper, that i can move around.

  2. I also saw Kaylah's post about the post-it notes for blog planning and thought it was an awesome idea! And hi, Toothless! :)

  3. Such a fantastic idea. I love that you can change your post it's around.

  4. I love this method. I also have an editorial calendar linked to my Wordpress account that lets me create drafts and move things around that totally helps with posting.


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