San Diego Comic Con and new pricing!

So it was posted a few days ago on SDCC facebook, the price for Comic Con 2014 tickets which you can see below..

Has it sunk in? Have you noticed something different?

SDCC has gotten rid of 4 day passes. You will still get the option to buy Preview Night as long as all four days are still for sale and you must buy all four. Once a day sells out, Preview Night option goes away. Did you also notice the cost?

It's going to cost you 200 dollars to attend Comic Con on all days. 200 dollars! They got rid of the four day because they stopped offering a discount. Their thought process was that if they stopped making it discounted, people would only buy what days they needed. Now, they decided to only sell single days in the hopes of having people only buy the actual days they want to go so others may attend.

I think that idea was fine and dandy but no con has their schedule up way in advance before the tickets go on sale. You have no clue and if you can get all four days, then why not. Also, most people will want to go on Saturday because not everyone can get all four days off and most people are travelling home on Sunday.

I've been attending Comic Con since 2006 and last year was my first year not attending. Why? Because I didn't make it out of the waiting room.

Mistah J and I are on the volunteer list this year and we are hoping to be able to get into that. We have volunteered, 3 years but stopped when his daughter wanted to go. I'm also debating just going but doing things outside of the con.

I have heard great things of Nerd HQ, where they also do panels but you pay for the panel you want to see. I think that's an amazing idea. Also, Kevin Smith and Chris Hardwick do live podcasts with special guests.

Our only con plans this year is ECCC and Fanime. We have always gone to Wonder Con but didn't enjoy it last year. (That and I am still mad that they left SF & haven't said if they will return.) I may still say let's go but for one day with a trip to Disneyland on another.

What are your thoughts on the badge change up for SDCC? What about the pricing? Are you planning on still supporting Comic Con or is it time to check out other ones? Do you like where they are headed or are you tired of Hollywood taking it over?

I have a love/hate relationshipwith Hollywood.


    We HAVE HAVE HAVE to meet up!

    I am also going up to Sacramento for Wizard World in March..if you guys can make it that would be great. I am trying to rally people to go because this is the first big con since WonderCon left and Northern CA NEEDS one badly!

    1. Thanks for letting me know about Wizard World!! I'm hoping to go!! And we should meet up at Fanime for sure!!

  2. Same problem with Motor City Comic Con this year. Every year prior they've had their guest list already out and you could see which days (or day) you wanted to attend. Well, still no guest list or even a vendor list this year. Also, they're already hiking up prices. x_x Ugh.

    1. Aww... that sucks. I remember not having to pay anymore then 100 to attend all four days and now it's 200! That's a lot of money. =(

  3. Was contemplating ECCC since I can't seem to find PAX East tickets. I can fold it into a trip to see my family in Vancouver, but I wanted to know who else was going first.

    1. Last year was my first time going to ECCC and Seattle. I had such a fun time! I actually got to meet and get everyone's autograph that wanted on Friday! It was a great time!

  4. Tired of hollywood TBH. I'll be going, I've been going since about 2005/06 too.
    But, I noticed that sh*t hit the fan with the Twilight series. That's when we had to start camping out. before you could show up an hour. And that one panel's requirement became the case for all.

    I did like sleeping out for Doctor Who, you get to make friends. But I caught a nasty cold from it.

    But there are other great cons to go to as well! :) I want to check out the two you already listed!


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