A Love Letter: Nintendo.

It was a few days before Christmas and I was a youngling, running around my apartment trying to see what trouble I could get into. I was in the kitchen opening cabinets when I came across a huge box under the kitchen sink. There were pots, pans, mixing bowls, cleaning supplies, and other normal things that go under the kitchen sink but a huge box?

I heard my mother’s voice coming from the hallway and closed the doors. I would have to wait.

But come Christmas morning, my brother and I saw a huge box under the tree and scrambled to open it. It was the same box that I saw under the kitchen sink. It was something called Nintendo, a video game system for my brother and I to use. It came with one controller and the game, Super Mario Bros.

Also given to us was Donkey Kong and Kung  Fu.

This was Christmas, 1986(87?) and it was the year that made me a gamer.

Kung Fu was my game. It was the one I went to every time I was allowed to play. My brother would play Super Mario Bros and I would always be Luigi. He took ownership of that game but Kung Fu was always mine. When my brother would play and get to the first Boss, the controller was always handed to me to finish him off.

When we discovered that Nintendo would be releasing the system with the lightgun, NES Zapper with Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros, our NES just happened to break.

That Christmas, there was the same shape box under the tree and we got a shiny new NES.

After that, it was all over for me. Every time Nintendo came out with something, I had to have it. The Super NES, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Gamecube, Nintendo Wii, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS… I own them.

Virtual Boy and Wii U are not on this list because I just couldn’t get behind them. I’m sorry Nintendo.

Over the years, I did get into other systems… Sega Genesis but only for Altered Beast, the Sega Dreamcast which was an amazing system that I am so sad didn’t pick up in the market, the Playstation and the Xbox but my love for Nintendo will always be strong.

So Thank You Nintendo!

And Sega, can you rock out more Dreamcast games? My Hello Kitty Dreamcast is lonely and wants something new. There are only so many times one can type the dead to death.

Written for Gadabout Gamers over at Gamerwife. 


  1. Awesome post! I'm sure some indie developer with answer your call for a new Dreamcast game. ;)

    1. I will be waiting... oh how I will be waiting for that day!

  2. Love this! I need to write a love letter to my N64. I still play it all the time, and the day we got it was possibly the happiest day of my childhood. :-)

    1. The N64 was such a rad system! I actually own the Pikachu edition. He light up and everything!

  3. Nintendo will always be legendary!
    The Dreamcast is so under-rated. It was so GOOD!

  4. Love it. I had nothing but the NES for years (actually I went through 4 of them) but it will always be my favorite. In fact, we've been on the search for one in thrift stores and what not but have yet to have the luck I see retro gamers on instagram have. They're constantly stumbling on NES's all over the place in thrift stores and I'm over here going "I only want one..." LOL.


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