Can we talk about this: Guardians of the Galaxy!

So earlier this week, Guardians of the Galaxy trailer was released and most of the internet lost it including me.

I have never read the comics and didn't really learn about this rag tag team until I heard the film was announced but I was intrigued by Rocket Racoon and Groot.

I am groot!

OMG THIS TRAILER!!! I am so excited for this film. It looks like it will be so much fun!!

I can't stop laughing at the scene. And Helloooooo Chris Pratt!! Where did you come from? Can we talk?

There's my Rocket!!! I loved how they introduced him and Groot. Groot has to bend down to be seen and you can barely see Rocket.

And GAMORA!! Oh god, she looks amazing!! I can't wait to get the comics and learn more about her. I love a good kick ass female. 

I also love that Quill gets all pissed off about them touching his walk man. I would too! I love walkman/cassettes. I miss them so much. 


So yea, this trailer has me so pumped for the movie. I can't wait!! What are your thoughts? Are you going to watch it? Did you enjoy the trailer?

And I leave you with the movie poster MARVEL released. Do you see Gamora? Do you see how they did NOT have her boobs or butt sticking out? This is a movie poster. I just HATE all the movie posters with Black Widow on them. Have you seen the one for Captain America The Winter Soldier? WHO OKAY THAT POSE!!??? Gah! That is a rant for another time.

(All photos credit to their owners/makers. The gifs are from tumblr but with sources all screwy, I couldn't pin it down.)


  1. Seriously cannot wait for this movie and I've never read the comics! The trailer was amazing and I'm so glad they're going for a fun route instead of super serious.

  2. CAN'T WAIT!

    I also have no background with any of these characters, but I'm excited to get to know them!

  3. I wasn't familiar with the comics at all, but I love raccoons, so a character names Rocket Raccoon just seemed way too up my alley. Then I found out that James Gunn was directing and I've seriously been a fan of his since his Troma days, so I knew it would be hilarious. Then the trailer, which proved that they gave him a real Marvel budget...! So gonna be a release day movie for me.

    Also, check out this sweet pixel art: http://www.it8bit.com/post/77500711855/team-guardians-pixel-art-by-luis-pedro-costa

  4. My familiarity with GotG is small, but it looks like such a fun flick, so I'm watching regardless!

    I liked that they used "Hooked on a Feeling" too! The trailer hit all the right spots! I can't wait to see it!
    PS! thanks for the sticker/banner love! :)

  5. READ THE COMICS! The new series is fantastic. Rocket racoon is a bad ass with a filthy mouth and just wants to kill everything. Groot is this week tree dude that can grow from an offcut if you put him in a pot.


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