Cardiff Day One!!!

OMG!!! Mistah J and I took so many photos during our two week vacation and I didn't realize how much time it was going to take me to get everything organized, edited and everything else in between!! I've only been able to get through Cardiff and I still have London and Paris to go through!!

Okay, let's begin!

I left San Francisco friday night after work with my two other travel buddies and landed in Heathrow on Saturday. Mistah J was visiting family in the Philippines so he flew in on his own. We were heading to Cardiff first thing Sunday morning so we just stayed at one of the hotels by the airport.

We woke up early Sunday, checked out, and headed back to the airport to get to the bus terminal and we were on our way to Cardiff.

Here are two photos Jaime took while we are on the bus. It was muggy, cloudy, and raining! It was about a 3 hour bus ride to Cardiff. we got there some time around 1pm, I want to say.

Once we got in, we made our way to the hotel, checked in, and then we had some adventure times!! Since it was Sunday at lot of places were either closed or closing up. We missed out on Cardiff Castle. We got to the gate as they put up the "no more ticket sales" sign. We just kept taking photos and window shopped. 

I discovered a movie theater a few blocks away from out hotel and as it started pouring, we ran over to see what they were showing.

We watched Thor.

After we got out, we went to a pub to have some food and called it an earlier night because the next day we had tickets to the Doctor Who Experience!! 

I leave you photos behind the read more cut so I save your bandwith!!

Doctor Who Experience post will be up soon!

Bill's is such a good restaurant!! If you are there, check it out! We had breakfast and afternoon tea!

Cardiff Castle - right after they put up the sign!

Jaime needed a photo in front of the Queen's Arcade. If you watch Doctor Who, you will recognize it from one of the Christmas episode. 
I wanted to steal the vacuum!

This was the bulk of day one in Cardiff! I will post the photos of day two soon!! 


  1. TEA!
    Man, I really need to get out and travel (I've not been anywhere).
    It looks so cool though!

  2. Finally! I've been dying to see your pics. You guys are so adorable and that vacuum is awesome.


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