Cosplay and Convention plans!

One of the things I love to do is attending conventions and I also love to play dress up! My sewing skills are craptastic but I don't let that stop me!!

This year I have only two conventions on my list to visit! Emerald City Comic Con and Famine.

Both Wonder Con and SDCC are on the maybe list. Wonder con was blah for me last year but it's in Anaheim which is where Disneyland is so it may be worth it. SDCC, it all depends if I make it to be part of the volunteer group this year. I am tempted just to go so I can experience all that happens outside the con!

I did want to check out Wizard World Sacramento but it's going on the same weekend as L's birthday. BUT!! Can I cry because I just found out Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth will be there!!! Yup, crying. Though the cost of a photo op with him is 150.00!! WHY?????!!!

(PS: Can someone explain to me why photo ops cost? I figured a few select few battle it out-raffle- and get stuff signed.)

I'm attending all three days for ECCC but I'm only planning on cosplaying on Friday and Saturday. My choices for that con are Kate Bishop and Dr. Harleen Quinnzel.

I pretty much have everything for both outfits. I just need to make the arrows for Kate Bishop and finish up the badge I was working on for Dr. Quinnzel & re-do the wig I have... or buy a new one.

For Fanime, I'm only planning to go on one day (TBD) and I shall be going as Usagi in her high school Uniform!

I am totally prepared with her costume!! I just need to fix up her wig but I should be all set for May!

It's going to be a slow con season this year because of our big trip to WDW this June!! I AM SO EXCITED!!

If volunteering works out for SDCC, I want to cosplay as Jubilee sans huge yellow jacket because it's way to hot in San Diego for that! When I was in Japan, I found these awesome pink glasses that were so Jubilee like! I just need jean shorts, pink shirt, blue sneakers and a really short wig!
Wonder Con, I really want to go as Black Widow but sewing is not my thing. I may buy the body suit or something.

So what are your con plans? Do you cosplay? What do you plan on making? Plan on going to any of these that I mentioned? It would be totally awesome to met you!!!


  1. It's insane what they charge for photo ops or for signatures! We found out last minute that Stan Lee was at a local con about 2 hours away, so we loaded up a few things to get signed and got there to find out that PER item it was $75!! I'm almost embarrassed to admit that we spent $150, we didn't even get to have a 2 second conversation with the guy, sign and walk out (nor could you take pictures in the autograph area). It was still a great experience and we love seeing our early edition Spiderman comics with his signature on them :)

  2. So may exciting things to look forward too. I can't wait to see your Dr. Quinnzel.

  3. I am going to Wizard World Sacramento for maybe two days. They took the 3 day badges away and now only include them if you buy a VIP ticket..stupid. And I am TRYING to get Fanime weekend off of work..it happens on Blackout dates where I work so normally you're not supposed to ask for them off but I did anyway because I REALLY wanna go!

    hopefully I see you!

  4. Well, you can't go wrong with Usagi. <33 That's so exciting. I live in a non-Con part of the USA, which is a major bummer. I've already started making a play to get to SDCC just to enjoy it. I'd absolutely love to do a cosplay. I am in the same boat with sewing skills. I have my sewing machine but it's so dusty now. I've been pondering who to go as and to be honest I'd love to go as Toph from Avatar, or Haruko Haruhara from FLCL.

    I am sure yours will turn out great! Post pictures!! :D

    PS, thanks for the comment on my blog for Project Life. I responded kinda late. :( :p

  5. Oh your plans sound so fun. Go for it on SDCC! Even if you get only a day or two, there is SOOO much outside.

    (also Jubilee Jacket option? : http://www.6pm.com/vince-camuto-short-motorcycle-jacket-lime it says lime, but it looks yellow to me...)

  6. Your ECCC cosplays sound great! I can't wait to see how they turn out.

  7. Wow! You have so many exciting things to look forward to! I hope you have a blast :) !!!

  8. That's so awesome that you will be able to meet Chris Hemsworth! I live in Michigan and we don't have very many conventions to attend. Those that I do attend I generally cosplay as Doctor Whooves one day and wear my handmade Avengers shirt another day! I'm hoping to get more geeky t-shirts to wear as I'm typically in the artist alley for conventions so I don't want to have complicated cosplays to interfere with customering. XD


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