DIY: Bucky & Natasha (MARVEL) Necklace

It is now safe to post this necklace! It was gift for a friend and she has received it!

She is a huge fan of both Bucky (Winter Soldier) and Natasha (Black Widow), both characters from MARVEL. I had an extra Black Widow Disney vinylmation so I sent that to her and decided to make her a necklace as well!

I used a 1" scrabble tile, found a panel that had both of them AND would fit on the square, stuck an epoxy square sticker over it and done!

The hardest part was finding a photo that would work! I did cut up a Winter Soldier comic for this but I had rescued them from the 3 for a dollar bin at a comic shop!!

I then E6000 a bail on the back, created a chain (more like cut up a long strain to about 18" and add rings) and tada!! I made a necklace. I want to blame my friend Jess for getting me majorly into jewelry making. Even though she works with real stones and metals, I make geeky jewelry.

She loved it. That makes me happy.

I made a Clint Barton and Lucky one on a scrabble tile but I'm debating if I want to make it into a keychain or something else. I already glued a bail on the back but I'm wondering if I can pop it off and turn it into a pin.

Or maybe add it to a bow... I don't know. I'm running out of room on my necklace board to the point where I'm losing necklaces around the house. I think they fall off the push pins I'm using to hold them. I created my own necklace board which I may show off! It's Disney Princess theme but due to the amount of necklaces, you can't really see them anymore.

What have you created lately? Please share!!


  1. Great Idea. This Necklace is just an awesome gift. :D

  2. CUTE! I have no idea where to start with making jewelry, but would love to make some fun pieces for my sister and I!
    As for creating: I've only done some doodling. But I like to draw. I painted a project of mine some more, but haven't had the patience for the finer touches, which would--of course--finish the project. I am a master procrastinator for some reason.

  3. D'aaww, so cute! I've wanted to try making these types of necklaces since I mostly do beadwork and stuff. One of these days I'll have the courage to cut up comic books, haha.

  4. So pretty. The Clint Barton and lucky one sounds super rad.

  5. This is so cute, and it sounds pretty easy to make.


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