Five Favorite Things!

I am in love with this insane The Simpsons Lego house. I really want to get it but it's expensive and I have no space. I blame The Lego Movie for bringing out my love towards lego again. 

I am still not over the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. The Godzilla trailer came out this week but it didn't give me the feels like GOTG did. I'm gonna watch it again after this!

Did you hear about the Daredevil series coming from Netflix? I am very excited about this. I will not lie, I thought Ben Affleck was a great Daredevil but they gave him a shit-tastic film. Same with Thomas Jane as Punisher. I adored him  as Frank, even crappier film. I can't wait to see how this will unfold!

Okay so Matty Collector has been releasing Master of the Universe figures and slowly started selling Princess of Power but later this year, they will have Club Etheria and every month, you will get a figure from the series! I signed up!! They announced Razz & Broom and Entrapta. They are doing this for She-ra 30th anniversary and I am just over the moon! I signed up!!

Speaking of GOTG, I got "Hooked on a feeling" by Blue Swede on repeat. Yup, I'm kinda obsessed with this film and song. 

Have a great weekend everybody!!


  1. I am soooo keen for both the simpsons lego and the Daredevil series. I have high hopes that Daredevil can be redeemed on the screen.

  2. I want LEGOs too..but I cant seem to find any decent sets around here. I might have to check out Target or Walmart..

  3. I have been all about Legos since seeing the movie.

  4. LOL! I totally just got some Legos for my birthday. They didn't have The Simpsons set though. (I got this AWESOME Treehouse though! I am so excited! I am totally playing with legos for getting my creative juices flowing!

  5. Hooked on a Feeling has also been on a non-stop loop for me since I saw the trailer. Also very intrigued by the Daredevil series. He was one of my favourite superheros so it would be nice to see him done right.


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