Movie Review: Robocop (2014)

First off, I am hoping to have the winner of the giveaway posted tomorrow. I haven't forgotten about you guys! I'm just trying to figure out how to do this. Poor planning on my part!

So I decided to try my hand at doing a movie review. Let's see how this goes!!

On Friday, Mistah J and I went to see Robocop. I am a HUGE FAN of the original. It was campy but so good. I knew they were taking the campy element out of it so I was expecting some great action.

It was ok. Review/my thoughts behind the cut because there will be spoilers!

First off, I was sad that they changed Murphy's partner. When the movie started and they said Lewis was in the hospital, I was like "WHHHHAAAAT?" only to find out it wasn't Anne Lewis but someone named Jack Lewis.

If you have seen the original, Lewis was such a kick ass police cop who could run with the big boys! Her first on screen moment was her betting up a thug and you didn't know if was a girl til she took her helmet off. 

Okay, fine... I can live with that because in the reboot they actually kept Murphy's family around after they made him into a  robot. The problem with that portion is I felt no emotion for his family. They were just not important to the film. The wife signed over his body to OCP so he could become Robocop. Awesome. OCP kept them from seeing each other. Ok. She pleas to get them to release her husband. I just didn't care.

The film failed to make me feel bad for this family. Granted, there is only so much time in a film but when they showed their first interaction with each other, I seriously thought they may be in the middle of a divorce until the funny attempt at a sex scene. 

Then there was the whole bad guys who killed him. They blew up his car and he suffered so many burns that by the end, he couldn't see, missing his legs, and an arm. This all started because he was investigating some deals involving guns stolen from the police. I seriously thought the city was a violent wasteland because in the trailers and of course in the start of the film, they kept talking about how having these robots would keep the streets safer but it was a normal, every day cop film/TV ep. It wasn't as terrible or deadly but that's also because it was PG-13. They could of really done without the random bad guy story line because there wasn't much. They just needed to have some one hurt a cop to make the Robot.

It was all about CEO of OCP. He was the bad guy in this film.

Once the action started, with Murphy losing whatever emotion he had left because OCP was forcing the Doctor to take it out him, over riding it, solving his own murder, and then going after OCP, it got really good. 

Gary Oldman was wonderful as the doctor who creates Robocop. Michael Keaton was kick ass the owner of OCP. Jay Bruschel was hilarious at Tom the marketing guy. Joel Kinnaman was great as Robocop. I really loved him in that role.

I guess my issues were they got rid of Anne Lewis, the city was not a violent wasteland to be needing Robocop, I couldn't care about the wife or son, and the bad guy that had Murphy killed was just blah.

I don't know... maybe I'm holding it up to high of a standard and comparing it to the original. I know it was said in an interview that it was a reboot and not a remake. They didn't want to do an exact film of the original. I have enjoyed many reboot/remakes but there was something that was just a miss with this film. 

I say give it shot but not for 12 bucks, go for matinee if you can.

I give it 3 out of 5 bunnies. I liked it but it's not something I will be adding to my collection. 

And it you made it this far, thank you so much! If you have seen it, please give me your thoughts. If you think my review is flawed and needs more work, please leave me some tips. I would love to give this whole film reviewing a try!! I just love watching films!


  1. 3 out of 5 isn't bad. I can't believe you paid money to go see it. I don't know if I can bring myself to.

    1. It wasn't terrible but I didn't love it at all. I have a huge love for Robocop and I was so hoping this film would be good, not an exact copy but a great stand alone and it made me very sad. Mistah J loved it so that was a plus for paying. For sure a rental.

  2. I live near Detroit and of course Robocop is a big deal here--well, at least to die-hard fans (there are some Detroiters who don't want the city associated with the movies, haha). We even had a statue made of the original Robocop in a Kickstarter! Love the original movie and this new one just seems so ... blah.

  3. I don't think it's bad to compare it to the old.
    Also your review points out the movies OWN weaknesses--even if the other movie never existed, it seems this movie was missing some merit. Your line about the family not being connectable is something I find in alot of "big-budget" action movies.

    This was one of the biggest problems I have with Fox's X-Men disasters. Things are so forced, they aren't even fun (OMG! The Wolverine was SOOOO bad!). Meanwhile, Marvel's Thor 2 while being a bit forced, seemed to have fun and even made fun of itself.

    I loved the old movies, so I'm interested, but, afraid of the mutilation of childhood memories.
    Thanks for the review!

  4. Reboot my butt. They just took a bunch of the names and the title and made a generic sci-fi action movie with a cyborg policeman. The original was one of the best films of the 1980's, a satirical masterwork and it still holds up today. Maybe even better today. I was kind of meh on the "reboot" but cutting out Anne Lewis pulls this into f-you movie territory for me. Sorry for the rant, I'm a huge Paul Verhoeven fan.


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