Thrift Score!!

Let's get DANGEROUS!!

Now, I try not to use ebay to find items from my childhood but due to massive amounts of clicking in the "you may like this" window, I came across the most amazing item.

A Darkwing Duck watch.

The batteries are dead and some of painting is coming off but I just could not say no. I put in my bid and a couple of days later, I won! 

 photo IMG_5958_zpsade00478.jpg

His cape opens up for the time and on the left you can see his gas gun. I'm too scared to try and open the backing to replace the batteries but truthfully, I don't buy these cool watches to use the time. 

Gah! I am sooooo excited to add it to my collection of novelty watches. 

On another note, Tommy over at Top Hat Sasquatch sent out valentine cards and check out which ones I got!

LOVE THEM!! Mistah J has claimed ownership of the Rescue Rangers ones which is fine. I'm going to add the rest of them into my project life album!! If you want to see scans of other sets like Sonic the Hedgehog, The Jetsons, and more; visit his website. 

What cool stuff have you gotten lately?


  1. So awesome! Are you gonna wear the watch with any outfits?

  2. oh man now I have the Darkwing Duck theme song in my head.

  3. You find the most awesome stuff. I am flipping out over that darkwingduck watch and those valentines are adorable.

  4. Hehe. I think I need to find that Gadget Valentine for Rick. He had the biggest crush on her as a kid. :p

  5. Niiiice! I love the Tails' Valentine! In elementary the Sonic world was my favorite. It was the first comic series that I read!

  6. Tails! Those are glorious. I love my some Darkwing Duck those jokes still impress, dammit. Great show.

  7. "When there's trouble you,
    call D W!"
    OMG! Such a GREAT find! My nephew is actually allowed to watch it too! I loved that Darkwing rocked purple!! (And I like the Gadget valentine! She was my fave!)
    ~Joie Fatale


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