Thrift Score!

The Treasure Island Flea Market is back for another year of awesome finds! We went on Sunday. I totally scored on some rad items!

I found these Star Wars markers and loose leaf reinforcement stickers! I'm not sure if the markers work but for a buck, I couldn't leave them behind. So cool!!

Also for a dollar, unopened E.T stickers. It says it comes with 4 sheets. I can't wait to use them and send them to pen pals! (Want to be penpals or just get a handwritten letter instead of bills? Send me an e-mail!)

POSTCARDS!!! And the greatest find of all are those two Disneyland ones!!! Gah!! The skyway! The grey subs!! I don't think I will be sending those to anyone. I heart them too much!! The same seller had the Ewok story book on tape but couldn't find the book. He let me take it anyways.

This AMAZING Catwoman figure!! Now to decide if I open her or keep her in the package. This is one of those times where the package is cool as well!! What should I do?

Have you guys ever seen Cat People? It's an erotic horror film from the 80s. I haven't seen it in years but I came across the album and David Bowie sings the theme song so I had to get it.

That was my awesome haul from the flea market. Have you done any shopping? What have you gotten?
And at this point, it is time to clean my home and make way for things to get donated or sold on ebay. I try to make an attempt to move items out as things come in. It's a lack of space that requires this.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love those lucky pop culture scores! I don't find much of those and when I do they're often way too expensive.

  2. I love the ET stickers. And the Ewok book on tape sounds awesome!

  3. All of these are super awesome! And I remember listening to the theme song for Cat People a few years back but never actually watching the movie.

  4. So many radical things. I love the catwoman figure and oh my gosh the ewok storybook tape.

  5. Ahh! Such good finds. I love finding postcards at thrift stores. They get extra points for having funny messages written on them!

  6. That Ewok tape sounds like a total score. And I'm so into those ET stickers. I've never seen the Cat People remake, oddly enough. But I LOVE the original beyond all reason.

  7. Keep Catwoman in the packet! Its a nice packet so all good. Nice figure

  8. That Catwoman is groovy! I've never heard of Cat People, but I am seriously curious about the soundtrack!


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