Usagi in Wonderland's first blog giveaway!!!

GIVEAWAY CLOSED!! Thanks for entering!! I will post the winner this week. 

As some of you know, I am a huge Disney fan! I am also a huge toy collector!!

I've been wanting to host a giveaway as a thank you  for reading my blog, commenting on my posts, and just all around being awesome. I thought why not take my love of Disney & toy collecting and do something with it.

Mistah J and I (mainly me) collect Vinylmations. They are released by Disney, sold at theme parks and their stores. I have a huge collection - I may make a post about them - and thought, why not share the love!

So for my first giveaway, you can win both Sally and Zero!! 

And what do you need to do? Just comment below letting me know about your favorite Disney memory!

Feel free to share any Disney story of yours - theme park visit, film, toy collection, anything that you fancy. 

The giveaway will be open until 11:59pm Sunday the 9th of Feb. 

If you randomly happen to find my blog and want to enter, I will give you the chance but it would be totally awesome if you were a follower but please don't follow and run once the giveaway is over. 

It's not nice. 

The important stuff: You get one entry, no matter how many times you comment. It is open to both USA and international folks but I ask that if you are international & win, please give me an extra paycheck or two to ship them and they will be taken out of the box. Sorry but it will help my wallet to send them sans. If you do want the box we can work something out. I think that is all!

Again, thank you awesome readers for the follow and GOOD LUCK!!

And what's my favorite Disney memory? 

Getting freaked out on the Matterhorn during my first trip to Disneyland. I was only 7 years old and my Mother thought it would be awesome to get me on the ride. I think I did fine until the Yeti "popped" out. I then lost it.


  1. Ooooo they're so cute!!

    I have 2 memories, but since I can only have one I suppose use the first one. :3

    1) In the early 90's they re-released Snow White in theaters and my grandmother took me to see it. (In addition, every summer I spent with my grandparents they always took me to a Disney movie if there was one out).

    2) My first time at Disney! I was 16 and it was a school trip. I remember getting off the bus and running up to every character and asking my best friend to take my picture. The first character I met was Friar Tuck! Just being in Disney was magical, and I am dying to go back.


  2. My favorite Disney memory is honestly something that happened more recently: the release of The Princess and the Frog.

    Every Disney Princess is an inspiration regardless of race but when Tiana came into the world it was like a new kind of inspiration..mostly someone I could relate to. She was an african american girl who was working REALLY hard to achieve her dream of owning a restaurant and at the time *I* was working hard to reach mine of starting a baking service (which I ended up doing). It was just nice to have someone in the Disneyverse that spoke to me on that kind of level..being low income, working two jobs, wanting something badly that you would do just about anything to get there but wanting hard work to be the number one thing to pay off.

  3. i love disney. i have so many memories of growing up with disney. but the best, most recent memory is now that my daughter is 5.. sharing the love of disney with her. she is crazy about mickey and minnie. we are constantly being inspired by them and making mickey and minnie inspired food and crafts together. mickey mouse shaped pancakes and stuff like that!

    she even wants my fiance who is a tattoo artist to give me a minnie mouse bow tattoo on my wrist.. so we doing it soon. it'll be a nice way to commemorate our shared love of minnie mouse.

    i can't wait to actually go to disney world with her one day. we are still saving up for it. but when we go.. it's gonna be awesome.

  4. I love how much my children are into Disney, and the first time each of them got to go to Disneyland has probably been my favorite Disney memory. Seeing their faces when we got there was great, especially when they saw the castle. The first time my son went, he was scared of all the people dressed as characters, but the second time he went (which was my daughter's first time), he was so cool about them. He was even telling my daughter how neat the people were, so she wouldn't get scared.

  5. Thank you so much for the Comic con input!! :) I love these dolls too! Anything Disney & Tim Burton <3

  6. I adore Disney and choosing a favorite memory is HARD. Other than any time I watch a Disney animated film, haha, maybe I'll have to go with going to Epcot with my Spanish class in 10th grade. I miss those happy, carefree days.

  7. Congrats on your giveaway!

    Disney memory:
    Last year for my birthday I had for the FIRST time someone to ride with! My husband took me for my birthday, which is a big deal as growing up I was ALWAYS the third or fifth wheel, (who always got to ride with the creepy guy who wouldn't just let me ride in the cart by myself).

    It was February, my 30th birthday (a big one), and it was surprisingly sunny! I was so excited I swear i turned five! I was so stoked to take a picture with Tinkerbell I just kept talking to her!

    I was excited! We even got ears!

  8. Such a rad giveaway. So exciting.
    I have so many fond memories of Disney- for me my favourite memory is arriving at Disneyland Tokyo after just becoming engaged the day before and kissing my prince at Sleeping Beauty's castle. A moment all girls dream of and I was so lucky to have it come true.

  9. Congrats on your first giveaway!

    I guess my favourite Disney memory was being able to visit Disneyland as an adult. It was a little strange being there without any children of our own, but it didn't diminish from the magic one bit.


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