Current Obsessions: Lego!

I love Legos.... I have a few from when I was a youngling but then I went to watch The Lego Movie and it was all lost.

On one of my thrift adventures, I rescued these guys!

The bottom three are missing parts but I was told I could at least buy hands and hair for Slytherin guy! I may make a necklace out of bones dude and not sure about the Star Wars guy. He's missing his helmet. Han Solo and Dr. Jones are complete.

My favorite character from The Lego Movie was Uni Kitty because UNICORN AND CAT!!! Anyways, her entire kingdom was so much fun and colorful in the film that once I saw an actual lego set was made and released, it had to be MINE.

The set came with Wyldstyle, Emmett, Unikitty, and robot bad guy!

Here it is completed! Excuse the crappy photos though. I was having a bad day and needed to calm down so I ripped it open to work on it. I then took photos when I finished to send to Mistah J.

I also started collecting the blind bags for the movie and the cups from McDonald's. The blind bags started because I just wanted the Cat Lady and Mermaid. Mistah J then wanted Shakespeare and Panda. It just went from there and I only need four more to complete the set of 16.

I'm still going back and forth between that The Simpsons house. We also somehow have planned a trip to Lego Land in about 2 weekends.

Yup. I'm nuts.

What have you been obsessing over lately?


  1. Oh man, totally had the old adventurer guy from my Egyptian set way back in the day! I made this awesome Egyptian tomb and then my cat accidentally fell on it when playing with his toy, do'h. I've been collecting rainbow loom bands to turn into countless bracelets, haha.

  2. Ah, the Uni Kitty set is so cute! I'm collecting the McDonalds cups, too, and have ended up with half of them- it's better than I expected, but I might still go in for a last chance today or tomorrow, too. Best of luck with your collection!

  3. I totally haven't seen the Lego movie yet but everyone seems to love it. Maybe if there's a day before the baby comes and we have family in town we can sneak away for a movie night, hehe. I was actually kind of bummed out by the cups, though. Then, I also see it from my son's view of "I'm getting a toy" only to get a cup. A cool cup, but still a cup, lol.

  4. Thank goodness you saved those little lego guys :) I can't wait to see the lego movie. It's not out here in Australia for months. :(

  5. Dude! I totally got a Lego Treehouse last week for my birthday for the same reason (to calm down).
    I just need to rescue my collection from my parents' house. Legos are kind of expensive!
    That set is so cute!

  6. Oh, so cute! I was also eyeing Unikitty's set the other day. :)


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