Espionage Cosmetics! Nailed it Nail Art!

Back in Sept, I discovered Espionage Cosmetics kickstarter for geek nail art. I saw their designs and I had to back their project. I love doing nail art on my own but sometimes I am just so lazy and there is no way I could make a lot of these on my nails.

I waited and waited for the funding to happen, then the production and everything that is included. They finally arrived last month and I am so excited.

I ended up going for 12 nail wraps which also included 2 special glitter ones as a backer exclusive.

Harley Quinn, Wolverine, Power Rangers, Doctor Who

Look at these nail designs!! My picture taking skills don't do these justice. They are amazing!! I am so excited to use them. 

TMNT, Tentacle (glitter), Nebula (glitter)

I got the TMNT nail designs because they come with googly eyes!! Googly EYES!! Tentacle and Nebula glitter ones were the backers exclusive. So cool!! I didn't think they would look good but they do!

I tried to get a picture of the glitter but of course, I fail. Haha.. trust me so much better!

They even sent a few extra ones as a thank you because they ended up getting funded for way more then they were looking for!! 

Now, I can't tell you how they wear/long they last because I have yet to put them on. My nails are torn to bits. The hazards of working in a file room. As soon as I my nails look a bit better, I will make a post about wearing them! 

Espionage Cosmetics have a website and they also hit conventions! They don't do just nail art but all kinds of make up with geek themes to them!! They will be at ECCC with an exclusive nail wrap, glitter, & lip serum,  and it looks so cool!! 

I am very excited about geek nail wraps. I have used nail wraps, like from Sally Hansen but they are too bright and very, very girly for me but I can't wait to use these geek ones!

Did you get a chance to back their kickstarter? What did you end up getting? Have you used them yet?


  1. I did! I got the turtles, the star trek ones, the killers ones (they reminded me of dexter) and the planets. I haven't had a chance to use them yet though. I've been biting my nails too much, so there isn't enough nail to put the wraps on! I'm trying to quit so I can use them lol. Its a good motivator.

  2. omg, these are amazing! Also, love their eyeshadows on their website. Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. Omg! cats, ninja turtles, power rangers...... sooo much awesome.

  4. Those Power Ranger ones are amazing!!
    I've always wanted to try these out, have yet to do so.


  5. I hadn't heard of them until Anne Wheaton revealed on her blog that that's what her and Bonnie Burton were up to when they got all Vandaleyes'd up a few months ago- a shoot for Vandaleyes nail wraps!! I've actually only tried wraps once and it was ages ago and they were cheaper ones that started chipping away immediately. >.< Definitely see myself needing these wraps, though! Especially the TMNT & Time Lord ones! How could I ever resist? Lol.

  6. I can't wait for your review! I have never tried nail wraps, but I want to try theirs!


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