Five Favorite Things: Emerald City Comic Con Edition!

I'm in Seattle for the weekend to attend Emerald City Comic Con! I went last year and had such a blast so I am back and I brought Mistah J!

  • We attended the Carol Corps Celebration last night. Mistah J is a HUGE Carol Danvers fan and he kept bugging me to read her books especially when she becomes Captain Marvel and OMG SO GOOD!! Anyways, when I found out about this, I got us tickets! Pictures will be posted soon!
  • BOOM studios announced their ECCC covers and I really want the Adventure Time/Nirvana - Nevermind parody cover. 
  • The We Love Fine x ECCC shirts!! Mistah J wants the Deadpool one. I want the My Little Pony wheel of fun shirt. They made a Hawkeye one but I don't like it. 
  • Image Comics is giving everyone who attend a copy of The Walking Dead #1 full color variant. They are also selling a black and white one at their booth. I'm all over that!
  • ECCC Cinema Series! Each night during the con, they will be screening a film with Q&A right before it with special guests! Thursday they screened The Princess Bride, Night they will be showing Serenity, Saturday will be Dredd, and Sunday will be The Terminator!
Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend and if you in Seattle/ECCC say Hi!!


  1. I am loving seeing your adventures on Instagram. Have fun!


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